Saturday, May 5, 2012

Weekend Links - May 5, 2012

1. My girls are begging me to learn to make this soup: Panera Bread Broccoli Cheese. It's getting a bit warm for soup dinners these days but maybe we'll try that recipe in the fall.

2. Helpful tips on managing your wardrobe when you have Pregnancy clothes, postpartum clothes and everything in between. Here's what I've learned after five pregnancies: don't worry about the labels. If it's not maternity but it fits & is comfortable while you're pregnant - keep wearing it. If you're not pregnant but something with a maternity label fits & makes you feel attractive - keep wearing it. And size is just a {meaningless} number. I've got sizes from 4-10 in my wardrobe. Each company is different. Wear what fits.

3. We enjoyed looking at these Crazy Photos by Jason Lee this week.

4. Stories like this one: The High Cost of Kids' Sports make me glad we've managed to avoid thinking our children need EVERY "enrichment" opportunity available. Our girls' grandparents have graciously paid for Tae Kwon Do classes for several years. We take them for affordable swimming lessons at our community pool for about a month in the Summer. I teach them piano and music my own self. (And if I'm being honest, even those few things seem like too much sometimes.)

5. History buffs may find these Rare Photos of Hitler's Bunker interesting.

6. Another one for the History buff: Theodore Roosevelt's Life Saving Speech. As Spock would say, "Fascinating."

7. And yet another one: Researchers Say They Have a New Clue About the Lost Colony.

8. This one: 8 Ways to Wear Vintage Flower Pins caught my eye because my mom has a red, white, and blue flower pin very much like the one in these pictures. Note to self: get more vintage flower pins.

9. This author didn't shy away from controversy: My 7 Pet Peeves about Worship Music in Church. In case you're wondering, I tended to agree with most of what she said.

10. Kind of fun: The Debut Strip of 10 Famous Cartoons.

11. Just sad on so many levels: Thomas Kinkade's Death Sparks Feud. (Note: Kinkade's "art" has never really been my thing. But the story just seemed to get sadder as I read: a destroyed marriage, a too-early death, fights over money and trade secrets. Sounds like a Greek tragedy or something, right?)

12. True words from Money Saving Mom: If you Want Something Badly Enough, You Can Usually Find a Way. PB&J, beans & rice, Tuna Fish 37 ways...people who really want to get out of debt will usually make some culinary sacrifices in order to win. That's not torture. It's choosing to see a larger picture.

Wow, I still have so many links in my "links to share" folder. I'll have to save some for next week and share a few more on my {sadly neglected} Candid Diversions FB page.

Pins of the week:
Love, love, love this idea for a necklace:

These seem like a nice, semi-healthy snack, for the Summer:

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VanderbiltWife said...

Thank you so much for linking! I can't wait to click through and read each article. I appreciate your advice about wardrobe, especially as I sit here in maternity yoga pants 16 months postpartum. They still fit when I'm not pregnant. And I maintain that the breastfeeding chest makes up for the baby belly in some plain maternity wear. I have a couple of maternity long sleeve t-shirts that I still wear, too. If it fits, who cares?

Kristen said...

I also really liked Crystal's article from earlier this week. It is so true that frugality is about doing what you can to make it work for you!

Gram said...

You are correct! I own a vintage pin identical to the red, white, and blue one. It was my grandma's and I believe it came from Avon. (Always love blogs featuring hats, scarves, and vintage jewelry. Makes me feel chic or something. Lol!)

I enjoyed the Lost Colony article. That story has always intrigued me.

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