Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Top 10 Tuesday - Freebie Week

The topic at The Broke and the Bookish this week was about casting authors on a reality show but since so many people thought that would be too hard today was turned into a "freebie" week instead. I couldn't have done the other topic - I do not watch any reality shows - but that meant I had to think up my own list.

As Pooh Bear might say, "Think. Think. Think."

Nothing really came to mind so instead I am sharing with you the first 10 books I recorded in my commonplace book. I started keeping a commonplace book back in April of 2005 and these are the first entries in my list of "Books I Have Read":

1. The English: A Portrait of a People. Non-fiction by Jeremy Paxman. I don't remember much about this (c'mon, that was seven years ago!) but you can take this as evidence that I was already an Anglophile.

2. The Titled Americans: Three American Sisters and the Aristocratic British World Into Which They Married. Non-fiction by Elizabeth Kehoe. Yes, I love those long subtitles! This one was fascinating, not least because the title characters are Winston Churchill's mother and aunts. (This is another entry in the "Karen's Raging Anglophilia, evidence of" category.)

3. Obsessive Genius: The Inner World of Marie Curie. Non-fiction by Barbara Goldsmith. Can't say I remember a lot about this one specifically but it goes to show my dependence on biographies as favorite reading material.

4. The Mommy Fund. Fiction by Madeline Jacob. I'm guessing this is one of those books that I would never read again.

5. Secrets. Fiction by Robin Jones Gunn. Yes, I used to read a lot of Christian fiction.

6. The Ominous Omnibus. Fiction by Lemony Snicket. The first three "Series of Unfortunate Events" books. I remember waiting anxiously for our library to get the next installment. Now that I've read them all I am not fond of the books but my husband still is. Our oldest has read them and she enjoyed them but we're waiting for our seven year old to get a bit older before we allow her to read them.

7. Backstage Murder. Fiction by Shelley Freydont. I've always loved a series mystery. I didn't get into this series though and I'm pretty sure this is the only one I tried.

8. The Read-Aloud Handbook. Non-fiction by Jim Trelease.I highly recommend this to every parent. This shows up in my commonplace book several times because I re-read this every couple of years.

9. The Educated Child. Non-fiction by William Bennett. This ought to tell you something about me: when I first read this book, in May of 2005, my oldest was only three years old. Yes, I'm definitely a planner.

10.The Prioress' Tale. Fiction by Margaret Frazer. Told you I love a good series mystery. I actually read several of these Sister Frevisse medieval mysteries and I remember enjoying them.

Do you keep a list of the books you've read?
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What a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing :)

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