Friday, May 18, 2012

Fine Art Friday - Clowns

Overwhelmed with all the plans out there for introducing your children to classical music? (This is one reason I'm not a Charlotte Mason homeschool mom. We don't "do" music or art the way she prescribed. I tend to be rebellious like that.)

Or are you simply looking for a fun classical* piece to share with your kids? How about this one?
"Clowns" (Op. 39 No. 20) by Dmitri Kabalevsky

I play this** for my girls all the time. They run around and act, well, clown like. I increase the tempo, they run around even faster.

Fun for all.

*Note: my piano teacher taught me that there are four eras for what we call Classical music.
Baroque (1600 -1750)
Classical (1750 - 1820)
Romantic (1820 - 1900)
Modern (1900+)

The most disagreement seems to come as to when "Classical" became "Romantic" and you will likely find lots of different dates and lots of heated arguments (ah, the wonder of the Internet) about this but the dates I gave will serve as a rough guideline.
"Clowns" would fall under the Modern heading.

**By which I mean I actually play it on the piano, not I play them the YouTube Video. This is one of those pieces I've had memorized for a long time.

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Gram said...

I've had this piece memorized for a long time, too. I can't play it on the piano but I can tell when someone misses a note.

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