Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekend Links - April 28, 2012

1. Can you imagine owning one of these Wild Pets? Looks like Cheetahs were a popular choice, no?

2. In the midst of this "de-clutter, pack, de-clutter, pack some more" life we're living right now, I can testify to the truth of this post: 7 Common Problems Solved by Owning Less.

3. Here's a long thought provoking article: Is Facebook Making Us Lonely? (Side note: for me I think the answer is "yes".)

4. Some candid writing advice from a published author: Just Write.

5. Smockity's thoughts On Forcing Children to Share and Socialism. Love this post. Our kids have some toys in common (the playmobil toys, for example) and some that belong to them alone (each has a special baby doll, for example) but I could definitely be better about not forcing them to share. (Especially when we throw Fen or a friend into the mix.)

6. Another helpful post about de-cluttering: Tips for Parting With Your Clothes (includes a free printable).

7. This could be of interest: 10 Essential Bluegrass Artists to Know.

8. The Camera That Prints Out What it Sees. (A "descriptive" camera.) Sounds interesting until I remember that I know what that print out might look like at my house: this is a room with peanut butter finger prints on the wall, scattered baby wipes on the floor, and 57 Polly Pocket and Barbie shoes mixed with a small pile of Legos.

9. Here's a post about Taming the Art Supply Dragon but I must admit that I'm mostly just in awe of how many (and how varied) art supplies they have!

10. Here's a fun Photoshop bubbles tutorial. I'd love some pictures of Sweet Pea & Miss Lili with their bubbles.

11. Two related posts:
Amen. Not more activities. Not more (bigger, better...) vacations. Not even bigger and better crafts, games, etc. at home. More Mom.

12. If you only read one of my links this week, make it this one: You Make Me Feel So Guilty! This is one of those posts that I wish I would have written. We {Christian} women can be so good at berating ourselves with false guilt and yet ignoring the real, conviction of sin kind of guilt. Awesome post.

Pins of the week:
I'm keeping this in mind for the inevitable, "I want a Tangled" birthday party" request that one of my 4 daughters is sure to make.

Another week, another built-in bunk idea:

So, what did you stumble on this week? Do share!
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Staci said...

You're sweet Karen! I'll still be "stumbling" around :) I love the post about parting with your clothes. I sooooo needed to read that!

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