Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekend Links - April 21, 2012

1. Why We Believe Infants Who Die Go to Heaven by Albert Mohler, Jr. & Daniel Akin. Spurgeon believed this. Criswell believed this. King David (yes, that King David) believed this. I believe this too.

2. {30} Ways to Make Money from Home. All of which are legal, though not all may be practical. And, before you think, oh, I'll just start a blog, let me tell you: it's not that simple.

This topic must have been on the brain for several bloggers this week because Crystal of Money Saving Mom also posted:

3. 27 Ways to Make Money.

4. The Littleness of Motherhood. One of the best paragraphs:
This should be encouraging! What we are doing day by day is actually big stuff. And not just in the “way down the road, someday, something about this might turn into something.” It is already something big.
5. This one caught my eye because Polly used to look and sound like the child actress in the remake of Miracle on 34th Street: "Matilda" child star: Film Acting is not Fun.

6. How'd you like to live in a WWII Concrete Tower? Some folks have turned these nearly indestructible structures into homes.

7. What do you think about the new USA Olympic Closing Ceremony uniforms? While I like the style in the abstract ("Downton Abbey Olympians, anyone?) I do not like them for our athletes. The "Polo"  logo is the largest thing on the uniform and that hardly screams "American" to me.

8. Eggless Chick Laid by Hen. The poor hen died. And, for those of you keeping track, we creationists do not have a problem with the chicken / egg question.

9. This caught my eye: How Jane Austen Can Save Your Love Life.
My proposal -- Jane Austen to the rescue! She's the obvious guru to go to if modern women want love lives with more dignity. Her keen insights into male and female psychology can teach women to be really competent about men, like her heroines.
This goes to my long-held contention that Austen is far more than just "Early Chick-Lit". She writes heroines and heroes with honor and high moral standards. Her characters that "follow their hearts" are not the admirable ones and often come to bad or nearly-bad ends. (See: Dashwood, Marianne; or Bertram, Maria.)

Pins of the week:
One of our big tasks this week was cleaning out the basement. We're maybe 1/3 done. We carried out can after can of latex paint. Next house I'm doing something like this:

It helps you save enough for touch-ups or for reference as to color, but gets rid of the full size paint can jungle.

Love this beautifully simple birthday cake:

This is a great idea:

Those arches really make the shelves look finished and built-in.

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Kristen said...

Paint cans are the trickiest, because you do need it for touch-ups! We have plenty of paint in our basement, too, and need an out of the way place to store it.

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