Friday, April 27, 2012

Three Sweet Pea Moments

Here are three things Sweet Pea has said recently to illustrate her own unique personality:

Thing 1:
At supper time: "Mom, I don't want water to drink tonight. Can I have that yellow tasty drink?"

Me: "Do you mean lemonade?"

Her: "That's it. Lemonade. It's yellow and tasty so that's what I called it."

Thing 2:
Background information - the girls got so much Easter candy from Sunday School teachers, egg hunts, and family that we had to put it all in a Rubbermaid tub like the one pictured above. We, for what are most likely obvious reasons, keep this on top of the fridge.

After lunch or supper the girls will ask, "Would you please get down the candy tub?" So they can make their selections.

Well, Sweet Pea couldn't understand why we all laughed so much when she asked for the candy the other night. This is what she said: "Would you please get down the candy bath?"

Hilarity ensued but she never did quite understand what we were laughing about.

Thing 3:
Sweet Pea loves to look at the necklace I bought as a memorial for her baby brother. (You can see a picture of the necklace in this post.)

"I know why this is the necklace you bought," she told me the other day.

"You do?"

"Yes. The feet are because his feet were so little tiny when he went to Heaven. And the heart is for we love him."

And she was absolutely right.


Anonymous said...

I just love that kid!

Lisa said...

What a ham. But that's why I love her

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