Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In Which We Talk of Small Houses and Moving

Things like this make me think our 800 odd square feet ought to be plenty.

And then I think again.

In other words: we're still planning to move. One of the people who walked through our house last week (because, yes! there was more than one!) is supposedly going to make an offer today.

I say supposedly because it hasn't happened yet.

Bad things about this: we don't have a "new to us" house picked out yet. I might have to leave my new stove (sob!). We just paid $$$ for a new floor in the kitchen that isn't even in yet and the guy maybe would have bought our house without it. Due to the downturn in the economy the best we can hope for - despite living here for eleven years and doing lots of work - is breaking even.

Good things about this: we'll get to move to a bigger house. We're also leaving the appliances we don't like. We're - hopefully - breaking even instead of losing.

Meanwhile, Tigger is threatening to take down the sign in the yard because, "I like this house just fine", and Polly can't wait to move because, "Maybe then I won't have to go to bed when my sisters do."

And my emotions are somewhere between those two extremes.

Update: Aaannnddd...we have an offer. And we're going to take it. Looks like Chez Charming will be changing locations. So weird. I've lived here for almost 11 years out of my {almost} 31 years of life. I only lived for three years longer than that in my childhood home (14 years).


Elisabeth said...

Yay!! I'm so glad things.went smoothly for you guys! (At least it seems smooth to your blog friends.) I am Praying once we get our house for sale, things go just as smoothly. :) we have lived here 10 yrs this year. I am very sad to think about leaving this house bc of the memories it holds but am looking forward to looking out the window at acres and not neighbors! I hope you will keep your blog friends up to date through the rest of the process. BTW, we are hoping only to break even as well. Seems the economy has messed with everyone...

Kris said...

Congrats on getting an offer!! Pray for ours, we've been for sale now for 6 wks. We are lowering the price and having another open house this weekend. We've had a ton of traffic through here and so many positive comments, but no offers.....

Amy said...

Wow! An offer... how scary and exciting all at the same time! Congratulations. :) We have lived in our house for almost 8 years, and I can't imagine moving.

Lisa said...

I'm really happy you already have an offer on your house. What a relief. Happy House hunting! :)

Jodi said...

Yay! So excited for you... that's great about getting the offer today!! Hope you all will find a "dream house" you like real soon!!! :)

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