Saturday, March 31, 2012

Weekend Links - March 31, 2012

Today I go a bit Hunger Games review crazy. I've read the books but I haven't seen the movie. I'm not sure whether I want to see the movies, though Philip really wants to ASAP. These books / movies have turned out to be more controversial in Christian circles than I had expected and I do not wish to be disrespectful to Christians who hold a different perspective. If you haven't read them or haven't formed your own opinion, these posts may be helpful:
And now on to our regularly scheduled links!
1. Ten Things I Want to Tell Teenage Girls. (Hat tip: I shamelessly stole this post from my friend Julie.)

2. Sounds like an interesting book: A Guide to Help Americans Speak the Queen's English. Here's my own contribution: "pants" mean VERY different things in the US vs the UK. (Pants = Underwear in the UK)

3. V2 Rocket found in Essex Mudflats. I love these stories about how the Second World War is still affecting life. (Note: that site has very questionable links in the sidebar so view at your own risk.)

4. Meg wrote a lovely post about the importance of the words "Proud of You".

5. Tigons, Liger, Leguars, and Jagupards, Oh My! (P.S.: If you'd like to see members of the zebra / horse family who have interbred just come visit the Creation Museum's petting zoo.)

6. I needed to read Brandy's post: Learning Not to Fear a Time of Rest. Our homeschooling is at what Melissa Wiley calls "low tide" right now. Maybe that's not such a bad thing.

7. This sounds like so much fun: Organizing A Free Ladies' Boutique.

8. Two interesting posts for writers:
Just for fun: I loved this stop motion movie - so cute!

Pins of the Week:
Anyone remember the Liberty of London line for Target from a few years back? I wish I could find more things with this print (I have two boxes but that's it):

Doesn't this blanket look cozy? Someday, I shall make one. I hope.

So, what did you stumble on this week?
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Lisa said...

I love the hunger games trilogy and I really enjoyed the reviews you posted. Dan and I saw the movie last week. Of course it's different from the book (as they always are), but I still enjoyed it as a movie. Dan liked it too and he's never read the books.

Kris said...

Hey! Have you checked the fabric on Ebay for that Liberty of London line for Target pattern? Wonder if you could find the fabric there?? I think of you often and I hope you are feeling better each day.

Toni said...

Just saw the movie last night. I've read all three books. The movie was okay, I don't regret going to see it. I did have a little bit of a problem getting my mind to stop saying, "that's not really what happened." I had heard so much about Effie's accent that I was looking forward to hearing it, but really I didn't find it all that memorable. Russ didn't rave about the movie, but he didn't fall asleep (which is pretty high praise for him--because he has been known to sleep through movies which can be aggravating considering the price of tickets).

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