Saturday, March 24, 2012

Weekend Links - March 24, 2012

1. Do you battle depression? Shannon does. Maybe her post about her battle will encourage you.

2. Sarah has a great post on Games as Essential Curriculum. I've never heard of some of these (and I'm married to a game designer!) but I will definitely be referring to this post the next time my girls put together their Christmas lists.

3. These pictures are interesting: Sarajevo, 1996 / 2011.

4. Powerful post: Perhaps You Should Sue God. (And yes, having just lost a baby who may or may not have had a neural tube defect, this post touched a very raw nerve. I love our baby and I cannot imagine, had he been born with a serious health condition, looking into his tiny, beautiful face and saying, "You should not have been born." I wish he would have been born. I wish I could have held him, even if just for a few hours. I'm his mother. I love him. I love him no matter what.)

5. Maybe the Ritalin debate is Asking the Wrong Question.

6. Just for fun: Otters Who Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch. (If you have to ask, "Who?", then you probably won't find this funny.)

7. More just for fun: If the Downton Abbey Characters were Canine Actors. Bates is spot on, I think. Not sure about Mary.

8. Bad Parenting - Why Americans Need to Toughen Up. (Hat tip to my m-i-l.) Repeat after me: I can just say "no". I am the parent. I can say, "Because I said so." I am the parent. I can say, "You can do it!" (Whether that means tying their own shoes, picking up their toys, or learning to fix their own breakfast.) I am the parent. I will BE the parent.

9. More interesting pictures: Fifth Avenue Windows, 1942.

10. And, just in case that previous link inspires you to get all vintage-y and whatnot: How to Do Victory Rolls. I would love to figure this out for myself. So pretty!

Pins of the week: None. Zip. Zero. Nada.
I am the world's worst Pinterest user, apparently.
Maybe next week?
Until then, I'll share this picture my friend Tarah pinned (which I think you can buy on Etsy):
Source: via T on Pinterest

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Karin said...

Been thinking about you and trusting you are doing well with each passing day. I'll be checking out the links. The temptation is great to allow depression to do a # on me. So grateful for the prayers of the faithful and even if the tears come, it seems as though I can see more clearly after I've had a good cry. God bless!

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