Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weekend Links - March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day! And now, on to the links, because posts of links are apparently all I can manage right now. (And don't worry, it's not because I've taken to my bed permanently or anything like that. I'm actually doing quite well, considering. The main reason for my blog silence is we just got new carpet this week, in our continuing effort to make this house ready to sell. This caused an unbelievable amount of upheaval in our every day life. We only did school work 2 days but I'm trying not to think about how "behind" we are right now. Life keeps getting in the way...)

1. Love these pictures: Growing Up In India 1923-1933. What a different time and way to live.

2. I want a tiger cub now: Taking Care of Tiger Cubs 1944. Who knew it was so exciting to be a zookeeper's wife?

3. This post helped with some of my current homeschooling guilt: Living Learning Lists. Because that kind of thing we actually do right now, unlike, say, opening our Latin textbook. And I'm sure it was educational to help Daddy pull up three rooms of carpet, right?

4. Great post by Katrina on false modesty and pride: This is Probably Wrong, But...

5. Most of this goes over my head, but it was thought provoking (query: does the fact that something "goes over your head" actually make it thought provoking?): I Killed the Internet.

6. Some helpful advice: Keeping From Losing it in the Chaos of a Larger Family. Those "trigger messes" she talks about in the post are the bane of my existence as a mom.

7. Just for fun: 20 Tips on Snagging a Husband, from the leading ladies of period films. This is my favorite (from the British miniseries North and South):
Hang out at train stations.
There's no telling who might turn up.
8. Great post from the Common Room about Dorothy Sayers and "Christian" Fiction. I deplore the state of what passes as Christian fiction: most of it is trite, far-fetched and tedious. There are exceptions, of course, but I suppose that's a post for another day.

9. Here's a tutorial for replacing a broken zipper. One of my accomplishments this week was repairing (though not replacing) a zipper on a suitcase that the girls use for their dress up clothes. It wasn't that big a deal but they were impressed and I will take what I can get.

10. I live in the US, not the UK (alas!), but this video designed to inspire Brits to vacation at home really makes me want to go there. Again. Now. (But, since that is not likely to happen, Philip has already said that we will have to consider it for our 15th anniversary which is just 2 years off. I can't wait! (Because, I've already "considered" and yes, I want to go!)

I didn't do much pinning this week. But I'd love to see what you've stumbled across this week. Do share!
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Staci said...

Eating vaporub?!?! Ewww!! Thanks for linking up, Karen!

Kristen said...

I love the matchmaking advice, complete with all those pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Elisabeth said...

I'm glad you haven't permanently retired to your bed. I would miss the blog posts! =) Still praying for you guys when the Lord brings you to my mind.

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