Thursday, March 1, 2012

In Which I Attempt To Say Thank You

I thought maybe I might be able to write about it today. Well, I mean, write something that other people can read. I've been writing nearly every day in my much needed spiral bound notebook. Those things will probably stay between God, me and the spiral bound notebook.

But I don't think I can write the blog post that I need to write. Not yet.

So instead I want to share some things for which I am thankful (the grammarian inside just doesn't go away):

1. I'm thankful that I had that ultrasound. I'm so thankful I got to "see" our baby, even if just once and even if his tiny heart had already stopped.
2. I'm thankful I have pictures of our baby. I'm aware, now more than ever, that some people don't even have that.
3. I'm thankful for all the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff who have been so gracious to us. No one has treated our loss lightly and they have helped make these unspeakable things just a little more bearable.
4. For each friend who left a note on Facebook or sent us a card in the mail or called to check on us.
5. For each person who brought us meals or food.
6. For each person who watched our girls for us and gave them some happy memories of these days.
7. For everyone who helped us give Sweet Pea a happy birthday and helped us fulfill her birthday tea party wishes.
8. For heart to heart talks with my oldest girls and for little girls to hold and cuddle even though they don't understand exactly what is going on.
9. For those people who have specifically helped or encouraged Philip, who is carrying the lion's share of the load these days.
10. For those who have said they will pray for us, and especially for those who are actually doing so. Please don't stop yet.

I know I have probably forgotten to mention many of the acts of kindness that are carrying us through the days right now. I hope everyone realizes how appreciated they are.


Elisabeth said...

I think of you every single day. I'm glad to know you are making it. :) God is getting the glory from this even though no one understands His reasoning. Still Praying for you and your family, my friend. It will get easier. (((Hugs)))

Jodi said...

Sending *hugs* and prayers, Karen! love you all!

Amy said...

Still continuing to pray for your family. I know it hurts right now but eventually it will get bearable. You will always remember and when you see someone else go through it it will open that wound up a little bit. It gives an even better appreciation for your children and when other people go through similar situations it helps you to relate even more to them.

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