Saturday, February 4, 2012

Weekend Links - February 4, 2012

February already?! {insert cliche about the passage of time here} On to the links!

1. Should pajamas be banned in public? I have my own opinions about wearing p.j's in public (I tend to be against it, unless we're talking about babies or small children) but I'm not sure a ban is the best idea.

2. Two related posts: Where Have All the Men Gone? and Cindy of Ordo Amoris' thoughts on Where Have All the Men Gone? The comments on Cindy's post are varied and insightful as well. One big disclaimer: I do not agree with all the points in the original article. For one thing (and this is big to me), I do not think the problem has been "too much teaching". Far, far from it.

3. Being the Anglophile I am, I naturally have a fascination with the British Royal Family. One of my favorites is Queen Elizabeth II and here's a great article: Changing Tyres, Knitting Socks and the Making of a Very Modest Monarch. (Side note: you may want to avoid looking at the sidebar in that story. I have no idea what's in them today but sometimes they are...less than appropriate.)

4. It pretty much goes without saying but I'd love to visit all of these: 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World.

5. Henry Miller's 11 Commandments of Writing. Some great advice there.

6. Lost Island in New York. I've seen these pictures before but they are just so haunting and amazing.

7. Photos of Locations described in Charles Dickens' books. I can tell you from personal experience that it's not hard to imagine Dickens or his characters in some parts of London.

8. I am not as big a fan of Season 2 of Downton Abbey (which, yes, I'm completely spoiled because I saw the British second season long before it ever started showing here on PBS) but I still love the characters. Here's a fun compilation: Downton Stars On and Off Screen. Mr. Bates holding a baby! Mr. Carson riding a bike!

9. My husband wrote a post about Time Management this week. He's honest and he gives great advice.

10. I really like this idea from Mary at Owlhaven: Preparing Teens for Life. I'm storing this idea away for a few years.

11. Great, inspiring story about a boy with disabilities (FASD) and his Wonder Dog.

12. I'm wondering how Heidi's son got one of my daughters to write this note she shares in her post: Real. Some homeschool days are just not the visions of educational bliss we homeschool moms dream about. That's OK. We'll survive. Our kids will survive. (P.S. I think "You Can't Enslave Me" with the accompanying 23 exclamation points should be the new "Don't taze me, bro.")

13. And now for something completely different: Hat Etiquette for Women. I love Solanah's style! (and her dresses and her hats and her hat pins and...)

Pins of the Week:
I love, love, love this kitchen. Someday I will have a kitchen like this.

These crepe paper roses are so gorgeous. I can just imagine hanging several of these in the girls' bedroom:

Finally, Valentine's is coming. You know you need to drink some Red or Pink Hot Chocolate:

So, what did you stumble on this week? I'm linking this post to Saturday Stumbles at Simply Staci.


Staci said...

Whoa, some of those bookstores look more like museums...just gorgeous! Thanks for linking up!

Kris said...

I always love reading Weekend Links! You always bring such interesting little tidbits and info to the table!

MacKenzie said...

I'm not sure which picture I liked more: Mr Bates holding a baby or Mr. Carson riding a bike. But I'm actually liking the second season better, the girls got too petty and annoying at the end of last season for me.

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