Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekend Links - February 11, 2012

1. As a fellow challenged of stature (by which, of course, I mean height not reputation, ahem) female, I appreciate these ideas from Alterations Needed for Faking Fit.

2. This year is the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Retronaut has some pictures of some of the survivors.

3. These Jungle Adventurers are Solving Some WW2 mysteries.

4. Love Sarah's Parenting post on Loud Actions, Small Words. Here's one of my favorite paragraphs:
I think one of the gifts of mothering pre-teens and teens can be the chance for US to reevaluate our moral compass...on every issue, big and small. When I became a mom of a teenager I started seeing things through the eyes of a teenager. Did I want to settle, did I want to go with the flow and what it seems everyone else is doing, am I willing to deal with feeling different, and am I willing to set the bar at the highest level and then walk the walk not just talk the talk? That certainly was what I was telling and hoping my teenager would do-was I willing to do it myself?
 I love that. If we want to raise children who do hard things, who challenge their culture, who are not willing to settle for less...then we have to be those kinds of people. What a fantastic challenge!

5. Philip and I have been doing a family budget for a long time. As in, since the first month we were married. That was an easy meeting: we have no money coming in, we can maybe spend "this" much of our savings, and Oh, Lord, please help us find jobs. (P.S. He did.) Our budget is rarely the same from one month to the next and these days we are even more reliant on some irregular income sources. So I appreciated the Simple Mom post On Dams and Water Towers (Budgeting on Irregular Income).

6. I am a comparer - extraordinaire so I needed Amy's post on Counterproductive Comparison.

7. What do you think about the news that Young People are Watching but Less Often on TV? I think if you count kids (teenagers) with their smartphones, people of all ages spend far more time staring at a screen than they used to. (And, just in case you couldn't discern my disapproving tone across your computer screen, I do not think this is a good thing.)

8. These old Autochrome pictures by Alfred Stieglitz are fascinating.

I didn't do a lot of pinning this week. To be honest, Pinterest is getting to be a bit much for me. All of a sudden a lot of my "real life" friends are on it and I feel like I'm honor bound to follow everyone and some of them (new to Pinterest) are Pinning Nuts. For instance: I have twelve pin boards. I've been on Pinterest since about 40 weeks ago. Some of my new pinning buddies had 12 boards up within a day.

Anyway, whine over (for now). I did pin this awesome alternative to baby doors:

Our church nursery has a dutch door so something like this might have occurred to me eventually but this looks so pretty I really do want to do this in the future (with our future new house and a future new baby, you understand. Miss Lili already knows how to open doors).

Stumble on to anything interesting this week? Do share! (And if you have any advice for not getting overwhelmed on Pinterest, I am definitely interested.)
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Elisabeth said...

Is there going to be a future baby any time soon?

Lisa said...

Don't follow everyone. I certainly don't. My boards are for my pleasure alone. :)

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