Friday, February 3, 2012

Quick Takes Friday - My 4th

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1. Apparently turning 30 (which happened last May) means I'm old now. My girls have told me so and they're generally reliable. I now have further proof: I seem to have gone from 29 to 76 because I have a recurring pain in my right hip. Well, it's actually something like this:

Mine starts in my hip but I'm never sure where it will end up. It's not really that bad and I haven't Googled it lest I find out that it's actually a brain tumor. (Because that's always what it comes down to on WebMD: you've merely wrenched something or...DOOM!)

2. These unexpectedly mild days of Winter have allowed the girls (and the Fenster) to play outside the past few days. This is a good thing. Not such a great thing: all the sand from the sand box being tracked inside. A mom shouldn't have to deal with sand in January / February. 

3. Favorite c.d these days:

This is on near constant play around here. Definitely one of her best albums in years and guaranteed to stick in the brain.

4. One thing about me that most people know: I hate change. And guess what changed this week? Dave Ramsey moved from a small radio station to the largest radio station in our city. I'm sure this is great for him, but it stinks for me. Because where he used to be on in the afternoon (that's when he actually broadcasts his show), now he's on at night. And I ask you, who listens to the radio at night? Not I. I wish people would consult me before making these kinds of changes. (She says with tongue in cheek although, yes, it would be nice if my feelings were considered before any and all changes.)

5. Miss Lili wore shoes to church Wednesday night. This is newsworthy as the girl usually won't leave shoes on her feet. When we arrived she just stood in the church entrance and stared at her feet until her Gram and one of our friends actually commented on her shoes. Then she stopped looking at her feet and ran off to play. This struck me as a very Sweet Pea thing to do. Sweet Pea always wants people to notice her new hair-bows or shoes or dresses.

6. Speaking of Lili did you see the scrapbook page I made? That's one of my all time favorite Lili pictures and I'm pretty happy with how the page turned out.

7. Anyone planning to watch that little football game Sunday night? I usually couldn't care less about football and, honestly, this year is no exception. But should Philip and I turn it on when we get home from church I will be cheering for the Giants because what I do know about football is I can't stand the Patriots or Tom Brady. I'm sure you were all wondering about that. Do you have Super Bowl plans?

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