Saturday, January 7, 2012

Weekend Links - January 7, 2012

Wow, it was hard to write "2012" in the title up there. Of course, due to the plague upon our house this week, Philip and I have barely known what day it was, much less what year.

Anyway, we seem to be on the mend today, so on to some links. {fingers crossed}

1. I thought this was interesting among all the talk of 1% vs. 99%: 57 Members of Congress Among 1%. It doesn't particularly bother me, but I did think it was interesting.

2. Speaking of Interesting: Why Women Need Fat. I don't subscribe to any evolutionary theory, but I don't think you have to in order to see the sense in this article. Our modern ideas of food, body image, and weight are so messed up I don't even know how to begin to fix them. I do wish I could convince some young women that they are designed to be different from men. "Boyish figure" may be a body type but it isn't the only type.

3. I don't think it's any secret that I am not a fan of the "Twilight" series. This post: If Famous Writers Had Written Twilight caught my eye this week. (Bad language warning. I'm serious. Don't read this post if you are sensitive to that sort of thing. If I could go at this post with a little black sharpie pen, I would.)

4. For anyone who has ever wondered how I am able to read so much, this post might help: The Busy Mom's Guide to Finding Time to Read.

As for me, my answer is that I do not "find" time to read. Reading is at the top of my list, not somewhere down at the middle or bottom. I read before bed every single night. I read when my children are napping. I read while they're reading for school. I can read in the car without getting carsick. (I consider this one of my Super-Reader skills) I stay up too late reading sometimes. I watch almost no TV and very few movies because I much prefer a book. That's me. It doesn't have to be you. Reading is a skill like any other: the more you practice, the better you get. But just because reading is somewhere in my top 5 priorities, it doesn't mean it has to be in yours. Find out where reading belongs on your priority list and then make it happen. Because I can assure you: it belongs on there somewhere.

5. If  you read just one of my links this week let it be this one: Broken. Traci's beautiful, heart-felt words about allowing Jesus to grow beauty in our broken places really spoke to my heart this week.

Pins of the week:
I love these little matchbox storage "books":

My mother-in-law and I both love buttons. (She recently made me a button bracelet that I really must photograph and show you!) I love this tip on how to use buttons on a hair tie without sewing (so you could theoretically re-use your favorite buttons):

And, speaking of buttons, I love this idea for button storage:

There are always wine racks at our local thrift store and I've never - since I'm the type of person who never drinks anything stronger than Coca-Cola - been tempted to buy one. But this is a super cute re-purpose.

So, have you stumbled on anything interesting this week? Do share!
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