Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weekend Links - January 21, 2012

1. Mary over at Owlhaven wrote a post that really encouraged me: Crackpot. I encourage all my mom friends to read it. Our hope can't really be in our mad parenting skillz. (The z makes it sound cool, don't you know) Our hope has to be in the One who created us and our children.

2. Here's an inspiring post for all of us living in our tiny houses: Tiny House, BIG Space.

3. I love this Carousel art. Gorgeous!

4. Here's a great post on marriage: You Never Marry the Right Person. Real love, love like Jesus' love...that's hard. It's work. And it is so worth it.

5. This struck me as funny and true: Correlation or Causation? Like Mark Twain said: "There are three kinds of lies: lies, d*mn*d lies, and statistics." For our time we have to add: "And charts that supposedly 'prove' something."

6. Did you hear that Hostess is declaring bankruptcy? Think it's because Americans are eating healthier? Maybe not: The Truth Behind the Possible Twinkies Bankruptcy. (H/T: The Common Room)

7. These sorts of articles are fun to contemplate every now and again: How Much is a Homemaker Worth? Short answer: if you had to pay us, you couldn't afford it. And I don't care what numbers they come up with in their article.

8. Got any unused curriculum sitting around? The Happy Housewife is hosting a Used Curriculum Sale on Wednesday, January 25.

9. Underground Architectural Marvels and Oddities. Fascinating.

10. Balance: The Downside and The Upside of Having a Large Family. So true!

11. You can now Reply to Comments in Blogger. I've changed my blog comments so that I can do this now. I've already replied to some of you. {smile} I hope this enables better conversations 'round here.

12. Just in case anyone is wondering what to get me for my birthday (a mere four months away...): World's Largest Emerald Up for Auction.

I've got more links but that's enough for one day.

Pins of the week:
Check out these bunk-beds!

I love the idea of turning Scrabble tiles into letter magnets:

Now I need to watch yard sales and the thrift store for Scrabble games that I can bust up. These are so much cooler than those garish plastic letters. (Which, yes, if you're wondering, we have a set covering the front of our fridge.)

So: what did you stumble upon this week?
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Kristen said...

Very cool bunkbeds! My favorite links were the marriage article (so true) as well as the up and down sides of large families.

Kris said...

I loved the blog about the small spaces and organized living!

Lisa said...

I read that article about the emerald and paying the housewife this week as well. Looks like we have been in some of the same places ;)

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