Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weekend Links - January 14, 2012

1. This one has made the rounds on FB and other blogs: Don't Carpe Diem. To which I say: Amen. Some moments of parenting you just want to endure and get through. You do not want to remember them always. You just hope they pass as quickly as possible. And that's OK.

2. Crystal Paine is the well known force behind Money Saving Mom. She makes money blogging. She has many thousands of readers a day. Her success (including a book deal) is astounding. Recently Crystal wrote this: I Gave Up On Trying to Be Superwoman.

3. Anyone else using Spotify these days? We are. But all good things must come to an end: Spotify Unlimited Streaming Ends.

4. As a Mom to daughters this trend makes me really sad: The Death of Pretty. And this is why Philip and I have never really had a problem with the girls watching princess movies or dressing up in dress up clothes: we would much rather our daughters desire to be pretty than "hot". My husband does a wonderful job of admiring the "pretty" outfits our daughters come up with (and trust me, Sweet Pea is quite the dresser-upper). He gives them compliments and I see how much they mean to the girls. I'm declaring it right now: my girls are not a commodity and my husband and I will do all we can to preserve prettiness in their lives.

5. I'm not sure I agree with this or not but I suspect I will need to be reminding myself of this in the very near future: A Teen Who Talks Back May Have a Bright Future.

6. This is an interesting tutorial: How to Make Your Own Printables. I don't use Picnik but I'm going to get Philip to help me figure out how to do these in Photoshop. (I admit it: up until now I've been too intimidated to do much of anything in Photoshop!)

7. Have you seen the Philosotoddler? My favorite is the first one.

8. Karen Andreola wrote a post about Boys and Jane Austen. She also explains why Austen's novels are not just "chick lit" and the real value they have teaching morals.

9. I agree with Cindy at Ordo Amoris much of the time. Or maybe she agrees with me {wink} Anyway, she has the evidence to back her views up since several of her homeschooled students are grown now. I can't say that yet, although so far my philosophies are working out OK. I really enjoyed her recent post on Language Arts.

10. Brandy at Afterthoughts tackled a big subject this week. This is actually the follow-up post but I found a lot of food for thought here so I thought I would share it: Charlotte Mason, Total Depravity and the Divine Image.

11. I loved this little movie about a bookstore at night:

I wasn't very active on Pinterest this week but I did enjoy this tutorial on making Cool-Whip shapes:

So, what sort of things did you stumble on this week?
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Kristen said...

Crystal is amazing, ins't she? What an inspiring lady. I can't wait to read her new book!

Brandy @ Afterthoughts said...

Thanks for the link, Karen. You are always so kind. :)

I must agree with you, by the way, that Cindy's Language Arts post was just *brilliant*.

Staci said...

The Death of Pretty article was dead on! I see it all the time with the girls in my 6th grade classes. It's sad. Thanks for linking up!

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