Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Top 10 Tuesday - Goals for 2012

A new year has begun - ready or not. (I am in the "not" camp). I've never been a big one for making resolutions but I am a great believer in goal setting. Same difference, you say? Well, maybe. Resolutions tend to fade out before January comes to an end. Goals can change and be adapted.

Besides, real life tends to sneak up on resolutions. One January 1st I resolved to lose 20 pounds that year. The year: 2010. Yes, the year Miss Lili joined our family. We found out she was coming just a few weeks after I made my losing weight resolution. So much for that. Cross out "lose 20" and write in "gain 30 plus a perfect little bundle of pink and white sweetness". (And yes, I do believe that God has a sense of humor but I also believe He's laughing with us not at us and that makes a difference.)

Here are 10 areas where I have set some goals for 2012. I probably won't always share my specific goals with you, Dear Reader, because some things are between God, me, and my steno pad. You can fill in the blanks.

1. Spiritual Goals. Spiritual growth can't be taken haphazardly. You might make goals for how much of the Bible you want to read this year, setting aside a particular time to pray, or you might choose 12 passages to memorize this year (1 semi-lengthy passage a month is quite within reach). Side note: if one of your spiritual goals is to read through the Bible in 2012 my mom has a plan for that and you still have time to catch up!

2. Household Goals. This is the spot for all those cleaning, organizing, home improvement type goals.

3. Homeschool Goals. Obviously, if you are not a homeschool mom, you will not need this category. But I am. And I do. One of my goals in this area is to read to my Littles every day, because I have been lax in this recently. Their big sisters read to them but I haven't been as much as I would like. In a related goal, I want to choose a chapter book to read aloud to my big girls. We've let our family reading time slip away and it needs to come back.

4. Financial Goals. Budgets, spreadsheets, and statements, oh my. Philip and I have some Big Goals here. We want to sell our house this year. We want to buy another {bigger} house. This means spending some money on fixing up parts of our house (see also goal #2 above), saving up money for a down payment and other things like that. We have some business goals to help in these goals. Yes, we have goals for our goals. We're both firstborns, what can I say?

5. Literary Goals. This is the category I use for what (or how many) books I want to read and also for how many words I want to write. I've set a big goal for my ever percolating novel this year.

6. Health Goals. This is where you'd put in "lose 20 pounds" if you were so inclined. I'm not. But you could also have things like adjusting portion sizes, exercising more, or going to bed earlier.

7. Marriage Goals. I am not saying make your relationship stilted and regimented. I am saying, if you have four children like I do, you have to be deliberate in carving time for your spouse. This might mean setting aside a date night. Or it might not. This might not be the right season for that. Maybe you could read a devotional book together a few nights a week. The point is: marriages are work. So keep working.

8. Relationship Goals. Things like having friends over, staying in touch with long distance friends, or letting your extended family know you care about them.

9. Blog Goals. I've set goals for how many posts I'd like to get up in a week, some things I'd like to do with my CD Facebook page and some link parties I'd like to keep up with. (The grammar nerd in me longs to write that sentence "some link parties with which I'd like to keep up", but I resisted.)

10. Personal Goals. The catch all category (because, really, all of the above are personal goals). Things like crafts you might like to start or finish (or a Pinterest Challenge where you resolve to actually complete some of those things you've so optimistically pinned), a new hobby you might like to try (Gardening?) or an old hobby you need to return to. (This is one of mine: aiming for daily piano practice.)

So, what about you? Are you a Resolution Maker or Goal Setter? Or do you think I've neglected something important? Share in the comments!

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MacKenzie said...

I went on a goal "retreat" yesterday. And by "retreat" I mean I spent 1.5 hours with my bible, a notebook and a peppermint hot chocolate at Panera. This was the first year I've done so but I don't think it will be the last as it was a great time to really think, prioritize and pray over things (although not in that order :-)

Karen said...

I set goals also and this year, I grouped them into focus areas. I think I like your divisions better though! Although instead of homeschool, I'd have work (I'm a nanny though and do kinda homeschool the younger two!). And @MacKenzie--I like your retreat idea!

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