Friday, January 20, 2012

Quick Takes Friday - My 3rd Attempt

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1. No one - and I mean not Sweet Pea, not Fen and definitely not Miss Lili - has taken a nap today. This is not normal and not appreciated by yours truly. Naptime should be inviolate. Why do they fight it so? How can they not understand the decadence of societal approval for laying down on your comfy bed in the day time?!

2. And, before I forget, I really want to say thank you to anyone who has been praying for my family since the recent illness and death of my uncle. All the prayers and encouraging words have really blessed us.

3. Sometimes Philip has to launch from his tutoring business straight into "Parenting Advice". One student he has right now is really struggling. Turns out that one significant problem is that this student's not getting nearly enough sleep at night. He gently suggested the family turn off the TV an hour or two before the student needed to be in bed. And then, you know, the student should GO TO BED. And it's not that this kid's guardians don't care. They do. Which is why this child is living with them. But it didn't occur to the adult that Philip deals with that kids need more sleep than adults and that the lack of sleep can affect school performance. Somehow this whole discussion just made me sad.

4. We are trying to pack up some superfluous belongings in preparation for a move. Sweet Pea is worried by this because some of our things are going to be stored at my sister's house. What if Aunt Princess doesn't give our stuff back?!

5. Polly and I were looking at pictures online of the Golden Globe Awards. (The dresses, specifically). We admired some but there were a few that were, shall we say, unfortunately less than modest. "Don't those women have any self-respect?" She asked me. "Does she know you can see right through her dress?" It goes without saying but I'll say it anyway: I really hope she keeps this attitude throughout her adolescence.

6. We just got our first copies of Philip's new game: Kingdom of Solomon. This one was a lot more work to get produced but I think he is proud of the product. It looks great to me. (But, of course, I am not unbiased.)

7. Speaking of games, this is our current family favorite. It's easy to learn and, wonder of wonders, I've won both times we've played. Polly and Tigger really love it. The pictures are cool and have a lot of interesting depth. This is actually one of Philip's birthday presents. And yes, as some of you know, his birthday isn't until next Tuesday. We may make the girls wait to open their presents but Philip doesn't wait and we've all enjoyed this one.

So, there's my seven bits of randomness. What's up in your world today?
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Elisabeth said...

Abigail has also decided that since she can stand up in the livingroom, she should only stand in her crib. Which leads to lots of crying bc she can't figure out how to get back down and if I put her down, it's a bad idea!

April said...

Yes, naptime should be inviolate! The day is coming very soon when I hand over my broom and dustpan and say "HERE, you sweep, I nap." Well, probably not actually but it sounds good in theory. Also: way to go Polly for #5. (And way to go mom.)

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