Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Day in the Life

In which I share a "typical" day with you:

7:40 - alarm goes off. Philip's already gone (which I vaguely remember because he kissed me good-bye)
7:45 - I am up. Awake? Not so much.
7:50 - I pour a bowl of Special K cereal, a cup of coffee, and open my Bible
7:53 - that was a nice 3 minutes. Fen's here now. Sweet Pea gets up as soon as he comes in the door.
7:55 - Baby starts crying to get up
7:56 - pour bowls of cereal for the Littles, get a cup of milk for Baby, sit down to eat / read my Bible again
8:01 - cut up a banana for Littles. Fen is trying to eat his cereal with the largest spoon (a serving spoon) he could find
8:02 - Tigger is up. I "finish" my Bible reading, cut a grapefruit in half for her
8:05 - call for Polly to get up. This is unusual because she usually bounces out of bed in the mornings
8:07 - turn on the computer while everyone else eats breakfast. Make my bed.
8:10 - sit down at computer with my coffee to "check mail". Fen stands at my elbow talking and coughing. Then he informs me he has to go to the bathroom right now.
8:19 - put my contacts in while waiting on Fen to finish up in the bathroom. Give Fen 3 jelly beans for effort.
8:21 - back to computer
8:28 - up from computer
8:29 - kitchen is a disaster area. The big girls have mutilated 2 grapefruit.
8:31 - change the baby's diaper but decide to leave her in p.j's since it is so cold this morning. Put her back in her bed because she is super-grouchy.
8:34 - start tackling the clothes pile by my bed
8:37 - Tigger puts on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD - crisis! There's no sound! Wailing ensues.
8:41 - I fix it. They watch. I'm back to the clothes pile
8:46 - finish the pile - I can see my floor! - and head to the kitchen
8:51 - sit down with my current book (Bright Young People: The Lost Generation of London's Jazz Age)
9:03 - finish the chapter I started last night before bed. Kids are still watching DVD.
9:10 - I put together a packing box and fill it with some items for our as yet theoretical Spring Yard Sale
9:17 - fold and put away my clothes from a small basket of laundry
9:21 - sit down at computer and find out my preferred presidential candidate is probably dropping out of the race today. Heart sinks. Kind of want to hit something. Not a good feeling. Attempt to be philosophical - maybe this time I'll get to be depressed about our country well before election day instead of on election day. Hooray. Remind me in four years not to vocally support any candidate for office, OK? My support must be the kiss of death.
9:30 - DVD is over. Fen immediately tackles Polly. Sweet Pea begins fussing about something. I tell the big girls to start their school work since the baby is asleep and they can't do their usual Morning To-Do lists.
9:35 - Polly starts school, Sweet Pea is still fussing, Tigger is still stretched out on the couch. "Too tired" to do school.
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9:56 - Finally make Tigger start school - listen to her poems and scripture. I sharpen two pencils for her.
10:06 - sit Tigger down with her Math paper
10:09 - I am tidying up the living room. Sweet Pea and Fen are (miracle!) playing nicely together.
10:11 - Help Tigger with a Math problem (bad sign: it's the first problem on the page. She sat here for 5 minutes without doing anything other than write her name on the paper)
10:15 - dump some Baking Soda in the bathroom sink, continue picking up toys (Brio trains) in the living room, help Tigger with Math again, listen to Polly read some interesting History facts
10:20 - wipe out the bathroom sink, sweep the bathroom floor, grind up the grapefruit rinds in the kitchen sink garbage disposal, sit Tigger back down at her Math paper
10:32 Tigger finishes her Math sheet, struggles through a timed Subtraction facts sheet. Polly is still working on History.
10:37 - listen to Polly's History narration, help her write it down. Tell Tigger to start her Phonics sheet.
10:43 - Polly starts Math.
10:48 - Sit Tigger back down with her Phonics paper. Direct Polly back to Math. Fen and Sweet Pea have spread toys all over the floor. I file some school papers and (finally!) get dressed.
10:52 - I do Scripture and Phonics review with Sweet Pea. Direct Tigger back to her Phonics paper - she has finished exactly one problem on the sheet.
10:59 - Sweet Pea starts playing phonics games on the computer. (Starfall) Fen watches this.
11:00 - I put together 2 more packing boxes and pack 2 shelves of books
11:12 - Tigger finally finishes phonics while I stand right by her. I send her outside with recycling after this.
11:18 - I start Tigger on her handwriting paper. I sharpen 2 more pencils.
11:19 - get Baby up from nap and play Bristle blocks with her for a few minutes
11:27 - Polly finishes Math, I help Tigger with handwriting.
11:30 - Philip is home! He taught a half day of 7th grade language arts today. I send Tigger & Sweet Pea to get dressed & make their beds.
11:31 - Send Sweet Pea back to get dressed. Again.
11:34 - Sweet Pea is back out. Only 1/2 dressed. Polly is taking a shower & getting dressed. I'm packing up some of my breakable plates & china.
11:48 - send Tigger & Sweet Pea back to make their beds. Again. Polly's bed is made, she's reading her Bible now.
11:51 - give the girls a basket of laundry to put away.
11:55 - I sit down with a magazine. The Baby is emptying Polly's school box but Polly comes running to rescue it.
12:08 - everyone starts meandering toward the kitchen. Everyone wants something different for lunch.
12:14 - We give Lili her first ever cup of chocolate milk. This is a success.

12:47 - Lunch is over. We clean up Baby & Fen. We put those two plus Sweet Pea in the girls' room for a nap. They're listening to Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel today(Sweet Pea's favorite). The big girls are watching a DK Eyewitness DVD about the human body. I sit back down with my magazine.
1:26 - The big girls and I start Science.
1:35 - Sweet Pea and the Baby are up from their nap. Fen is sleeping. The big girls and I are working on Science projects and Sweet Pea plays Starfall on the computer again.
2:08 - Philip wants Polly to stop school work and come help him test a game. Yes, this happens frequently around here.
2:50 - I've been reading political blogs (Which I should really stop. Immediately. Tomorrow.) Must fight against "Doom. Doom and Gloom. Doom, I say!" feelings. Philip and Polly are finishing up their game. Tigger has started playing with legos in the living room.
3:02 - I'm hanging up clean dresses in the girls' closet (which is in our living room. Don't ask.) Philip starts a load of laundry because dirty laundry is starting to creep up our basement steps and it may try to open that door and take over our house next. Tigger and I return to Science and finish up an activity. Polly is now playing on the computer.
3:17 - Baby opens the door and goes into her room without us noticing. We find her in there patting on Fen and trying to climb in his bed. Miraculously, he is sleeping through this. We take this as a sign and put her back down. (Note: she usually takes 2 naps a day. She had a good morning nap today but she did not fall asleep earlier this afternoon.)
3:21 - Philip leaves for his tutoring job. I sew a button on Sweet Pea's dress coat.
3:30 - Things I have said to one of my children in the past few minutes:
  • I don't speak whine.
  • When you talk like that all I hear is, "please put me to bed".
  • Stop whining. Now.
All of that while I swept the kitchen floor. I'm guessing Baby didn't eat much breakfast because I sweep up enough Cheerios to fill a bowl. Mercifully, the whiner gives up about now because I just can't put her in her room because of the sleeping Fen & Lili.

4:22 - Polly has been reading an American Girl book. Tigger & Sweet Pea are still playing legos in the living room. We've been listening to Dave Ramsey all afternoon and the girls and I are talking about how our being debt free (except our mortgage) lets us have some things we want.
4:29 - while packing another shelf of books I find a sadly deflated balloon. This is leftover from Lili's 1st Birthday Party. Which was in September. #housekeeperoftheyearaward
4:33 - I start work on supper
4:56 - My brother-in-law arrives to pick up Fen. We have to get Fen up for this. Lili wakes up too. I get Fen ready to go. He leaves, reluctantly leaving the cup behind that he was using ("I can have it tomorrow?") and after insisting on giving me the full two kisses + big hug good-bye.
5:13 - Supper is now in the oven.
5:20 - Philip is home from his tutoring job. Plus, he picked up more packing tape. I can already tell that this whole "sell the house, move to a new house" thing is going to be quite the adventure.
5:45 - Supper: Chicken enchiladas which are popular with two and a half of our children (Lili likes the filling but not the cooked tortilla, Polly doesn't like any of it). We call this a success in our house.
6:00 - Philip puts a grouchy Lili back in her bed.
6:15 - Supper is over.
6:39 - Baby is up again and playing happily on her own. Sweet Pea and Tigger are back at the legos. Philip & Polly are playing a board game. I'm looking at the new library books Philip brought home.
6:45 - I do an impromptu sort of bunnies on a shelf in the girls' room. We decide on 3 to give away. Ten lucky bunnies remain on the shelf.
6:58 - I'm finishing loading the dishwasher. Sign of the times: all of the dishes do not fit. We almost need to run this silly thing twice a day now. While I'm working on this, Philip is changing the Baby and putting her into clean p.j's. For those of you keeping score: yes, Lili wore her pajamas all day. It was cold outside and we didn't have to go anywhere. Don't judge.
Polly takes out the trash and then Philip and Polly are going to get back to their game. I think I'll sit down.
7:02 - I change into my own pajamas while reading the first chapter of The Creative Habit, a library book Philip brought home.
7:45 - we finish a family game of Dixit. I win (again!). We send the girls to get their pajamas on while we start picking up toys.
7:54 - Family prayer time. Girls to bed for reading time.
8:30 - Girls turn out their light. Philip and I watch Parks and Recreation together.

Then I come here and finish up this blog post. The only thing left in my day is a little more web surfing and - if all goes as planned - and hour or two of reading. I ought to switch the laundry. Or pack some more. Or hand-wash some dishes. (Little hint: I am probably not going to do any of that.)

Looking back, it doesn't seem like much. I didn't go anywhere. Nothing dramatic happened. We didn't even have any major tantrums or melt-downs. I'm not sure where all my energy went but I can assure you: it went. I am done.

It all happens again tomorrow. And I type that with a smile on my face.


Julie Anne Turner said...

My goodness. I am tired from just reading that. You are a hero, you know that?

Amy said...

Love it, love it, love it! :)

Pastor David Pitman said...

Well done and well said!

MacKenzie said...

I must say that I found that fascinating. I've been wanting to a do post like this for a while but don't think I could remember the events long enough to get them written down. But if I did it, it would make me feel better when I sit down after getting Lucy to bed and think, what did I do all day and why am I so exhausted!

Also, I love hearing other people's creativity with closets. I really do love living in an older home but am left wondering how many clothes the 6 people who lived here had because where did they put them!

Karen@Candid Diversions said...

You're sweet Julie! I get tired reading it too. ;)

Karen@Candid Diversions said...

MacKenzie, I kept a notebook on the counter all day and jotted down what was happening so I wouldn't forget (much).

Part of the reason I did this is a)I've enjoyed reading some from other bloggers and b) my husband's 12 yr old cousin asked me last year, "So, what do you do all day?" And I thought (but didn't say), "You know, I'm not really sure!"

Our closet situation is bad but we've made it work. The girls' dresses all hang in what would be our "hall" or living room closet. They do not have a closet, as such, in their room. I need to pare down their dresses again. Four little girls can fill a closet quickly!

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