Saturday, December 3, 2011

Weekend Links - December 3, 2011

1. Why is There Always a Mean Girl? Nothing breaks my heart more as a parent than when my children are hurt. I recently had to console my daughter when she confessed that some of her church friends had nicknamed her "Vampire Teeth". After asking for those kids' names and then kicking their teeth in...OK, no, I didn't do that. I advised my daughter to encourage non-appearance nicknames or just tell them, calmly, I don't really want to be called that. It didn't seem the right thing to overreact. She assured me that it had been good natured, although it still hurt her feelings. Fact is: there is always going to be a mean girl. Or a misguided-not-really-but-might-as-well-be-mean girl. So I need to teach my daughters healthy strategies for dealing with it. And I especially need to teach them not to BE mean girls.

End soapbox. Now we can move on to our other links.

2. Calendar Journals and Life Lessons. I love looking through my old calendars. Life may be "what happens to you while you're busy making other plans" (thank you, John Lennon!) but it's still nice to reflect on what did or did not happen, planned or otherwise.

3. Need help choosing your next book to read? Try the Literature-Map. I had mixed results with it (Margaret Atwood is nothing like Jane Austen in my book, no pun intended) but it was fun to try.

4. Speaking of authors and books (and, frankly, aren't I always?) I loved these pictures of Famous Author's Personal Libraries. My favorite was Eudora Welty's.

5. Those of you lucky possessors of Kindles (yes, I am just a wee bit envious) need this list of 100+ Free Kindle Books.

6. I'm having a blogging identity crisis this week. I think I'm a blog failure. My giveaway almost certainly is. Reading this post: When You Feel Like Quitting gave me the encouragement I needed to keep on, even if my blog doesn't fit the common definitions of success. I'm still thankful for the outlet I've been given. And I'm not going to hand in my Blogger Badge any time soon. (I suppose that's the good news and the bad news.)

7. Avoiding Catalog Burn-Out. Or Pinterest Fatigue. Or Magazine Exhaustion. Whatever you call it and whatever your triggers are, this post will attempt to help.

8. The End of Napster. Definitely the end of an era, right? Whatever the troubles with the original business model ("Let's just make music free! Hooray!"), I give Napster a lot of credit for introducing me to much of the music I still love today. What a revelation to discover that we didn't have to be slaves to the radio. Of course these days I'm pretty loyal to Pandora and Spotify, but Napster was first.

Pins of the Week are scarce this week because I've been out of pocket (Read: out of state) but I did like these DIY ornaments:


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Karin said...

So glad you are teaching your daughter healthy strategies for dealing with folks who just don't get that what they say could be hurtful. I'm sure I've done my share with my quick wit! It doesn't stop with childhood, but I can laugh at the comments now. One staff member was so excited to tell me about a lovely lady she met who reminded me so much of me! So far so good. Then she says that, "she was just chubby and plump like you and has that large space between her teeth like you do." OK, those are my two defining features, LOL!! I'm still smiling!! Yes, I don't have to floss between those two! Your girl will be fine if she can learn to take it with good humor and have a witty answer!

Saw those DIY ornaments too and thought they were cute - maybe our seniors could make these during activity time and then sell them!!

Staci said...

Oh Karen, I'm so sorry your daughter is going through that. She's so blessed to have you being there for her!

And thanks for that link about "When you feel like quitting". I feel like that pretty much on a daily basis! What a great encouragement!

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