Friday, December 9, 2011

Quick Takes Friday - 2nd Edition

1. It's been nice to have a "normal" (ha!) week after the Thanksgiving craziness (we stretched it out for two weeks) and before the Christmas rush. The girls have worked diligently on their school, Fen's been here for his usual three days, church services were back to business as usual.

Normal times are good times.

2. The stomach plague that hit many of our family members last week has {so far} mostly missed us. It only hit Tigger for a short time (Sunday morning) and we are definitely hoping it stays that way. If the rest of us avoid it, it will be the first time in the history of our family that a virus hasn't made its slow, agonizing way through each and every one of us. {knocking on wood here}

3. In my frustration at finding my husband suitable Christmas presents I suggested to him that we skip giving each other gifts this year. He then informed me that he has already ordered mine and he's very proud of them. So, back to the drawing board. (Or Amazonsearch engine. Whatever.) The main problem: he doesn't need much and the board games that he wants (he designs games, remember. Games are the only thing on his wish list) all have one thing in common: high price tags.

4. After weeks full of warm {ish}, rainy days our weather turned, seemingly overnight, cold and sunny. Sun is good. Cold is...less good. The girls are sporting "footy" jammies almost every night now. I am using this excuse to concoct as many hot drinks as possible: coffee (OK, I don't actually make this. Coffee is Philip's arena), tea, those Maxwell House mixes, hot cocoa, and basically anything else (pumpkin white hot chocolate the other night and we're going to try hot caramel apple cider tonight).

5. Sweet Pea's eczema is in major flare up mode. Ever wonder what it's like to have a greased pig for a daughter? Just have a child who has to be lathered up in thick potions multiple times a day.

6. Speaking of cold weather (see above), my brother - yes, my younger brother - handed down a flannel shirt to me (he also gave one to our sister Princess). It's been worn and washed often so it's perfectly soft and cozy. I have to say, I never thought I'd be so excited about my little brother (in age, definitely not in height) passing clothes to me but stranger things have happened, right?

7. I've been using my MyMemories software in many of my spare minutes these days. I made this page:
in just a few minutes.

Digital scrapbooking is still not replacing my love of the "real" thing but it's a fun, quick outlet. OK, I'm trying to keep it quick. I may or may not have spent entirely too much time yesterday creating pages.

Another time absorber - just what I needed.

What's up in your world this Friday?
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Elisabeth said...

Brad and I rarely buy each other gifts for any occasion. We took the kids and a nephew to an indoor waterpark last weekend and that counted as a gift for every occasion in this month (anniversary, Ryan's bday, our Christmas to each other) I actually like taking care of everything in one big gift!

Lisa said...

Dan and I are not giving each other gift this Christmas either. We thought coming home for Christmas would be a better way to spend our money, so we're going that route. It seems I always have trouble getting him gifts, because they're always sooo expensive; however, he always ends up with some great items for me. It's not fair

MacKenzie said...

Oh, eczema is the worst. I had horrible horrible flare ups when I was little - I often had big bloody patches. But just to give you hope, I've pretty much outgrown it. It took longer than "they" said but one day, I realized I hadn't had a problem in a whole year. Thank goodness. I'm still paranoid about Lucy.

"Gram" said...

Be sure to share some of those gaming gift ideas for Philip with us. We could use the help!

We've got a lot of the shopping done but this parenthetical vacation of ours would do nicely if it's the only gift we give each other this year. Cost of travel? Expensive. Saving our sanity? Priceless!

Hope all is going well at home. Miss you all but see you soon!

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