Monday, December 19, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @
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1. Our church's choir cantata was yesterday morning. I think it went quite well, if I do say so myself. (I'm a member of the choir and also the pianist, so I'm not exactly impartial.)

2. Our oldest daughter is hitting the big 1-0 tomorrow. Yes, our oldest is entering double digits. Philip and I are not clear on how this happened so quickly. Scientists tell us it's a little thing called "time", but I can assure you that it doesn't seem possible that 10 years have passed since that little bundle came into the world. Her cake is cooked but not decorated and she has planned the menu. What does a 10 year old want to eat on her birthday? Pizza, of course. But not homemade pizza: Papa John's pizza. (I've raised her well: that's my favorite delivery pizza too!)

3. We have {mostly} finished our Christmas shopping. So now on to the next hurdle: wrapping. I am not one of those people that enjoys wrapping presents. I'd have the girls do it all but I am also not one of those people who enjoys buying 65 rolls of scotch tape. Which is what it would take {approximately} if I let the 3 oldest girls wrap everything.

4. Lisa is coming. For those of you who are new readers, Lisa is my sister who lives far, far away. But she's coming in just a few days. Even if my heart has its Grinch like moments during these crazy days just knowing that my wonderful sister is going to be here for a few days is enough to make it grow three sizes. (All together now: awww.)

5. My family would appreciate any prayers or good wishes you wish to send my uncle's way. He had a stroke on Saturday morning. He's in the hospital and will be there through the holidays. Please remember him and my aunt especially during this time (but really the entire family could use the support).

6. Just a little reminder: if you shop through my Amazon search box (right side bar), I get a small commission. Several of you have done this as you've done your Christmas shopping this year and I really, really appreciate it. Philip and I are doing our best to bring up the income side of our budget sheet because our two bedroom, one bath house is really starting to show the strain in our family of six. We're planning, praying and praying some more about what God might enable us to do next year. I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, like I said, every little bit helps and we're grateful to you all.

7. We're off to our local zoo and the "Festival of Lights" tonight. The girls are super excited. I hope it's not too cold and rainy. Even if it is, I guarantee we will be seeing the manatees (Tigger's absolute favorite-ist animal) and the penguins. Some of us are sincerely hoping the evening will include hot chocolate or coffee, not to name any names. *coughthatwouldbemecough*

Wishing each of you wonderful readers a peaceful and blessed week! What's up on your Monday before Christmas?

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Lisa said...

I'm looking forward to seeing all of you as well!

Pastor David Pitman said...

#4 awww

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