Monday, December 12, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @
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Yes, I know I just participated in a "Quick Takes Friday". But my life is lending itself to random{ish} blogging right now. Please forgive.

1. Philip and I took the oldest 3 girls to see "White Christmas" in a theater Saturday morning. It was a special showing where admission was free but they asked each person to bring a donation for the local food bank. So we hit my stockpile (in which most things were purchased for mere pennies or even free with sales and coupons) and got ourselves on up to that theater.
We were early, which was a good thing because the movie ended up being sold out. The experience was a great one - all that detail, just how beautiful Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen look in every shot, those great throwaway lines ("Hold your fire men!")...anyway, it was super fun.

2. Another family outing last week: we took the entire family to Children's Theatre for the show Holiday Follies 2011. It was a {Hometown} extravaganza all about some of our favorite local holiday traditions. Our Children's Theatre is top notch and we usually get season tickets.

One family member who might not make it to the next Theatre offering: Miss Lili. Philip and Miss Lili ended up watching the show from the lobby because Miss Lili has apparently decided that any form of theater (whether film or live) is not Her Thing.

For our White Christmas outing Lili stayed with my sister. My sister {Princess} informed me when we picked up Lili: "She didn't even cry when you left!" Of course she didn't. She must have heard our plans to go to the movies and she knew she wanted no part of it. Spending a morning playing with Fen's toys was a much better time in her estimation.

3. After much procrastination, I finally got a few gifts for Philip today. I'd tell you what they are but he occasionally checks this blog. Suffice it to say: I've got about $15 left to spend and he did mention he needs new socks.

Now, to move on to the rest of our list. {sigh}

4. Polly's Sunday School class had a Christmas party yesterday afternoon. Polly came home with loads of loot. I've told her we don't have to give her anything now but she thinks I'm teasing. OK, I am teasing. Just barely.

5. I only got home with one box of cereal from the grocery store last week. I say it that way because I'm absolutely sure I put two boxes in my cart but both apparently did not come home with me. I'm not missing anything else and I can't find my receipt to confirm that I did, in fact, buy two boxes of cereal. If I only bought one, I must really be losing it because that lasted my husband and children approximately 1.5 days. This is an epic mistake because I do not like making a hot breakfast every morning. There, I admitted it. So guess what the four year old has been learning to do this week? If you guessed, "make her own toast", then give yourself a gold star.

I guess that's enough miscellany for one day, although there's plenty more where that came from, believe you me. I'm linking this post to lowercase letters: miscellany monday.


Messy Marriage said...

There's a small, renovated theater in our town that's showing "White Christmas" too. I'd love to have the experience in such a retro environment. Also, your blog is so cute and I like the name of your blog too! :) Nice to meet ya!

Elisabeth said...

Cereal is just as important in this house! I don't leave without two or three boxes.

Julie Anne Turner said...

I wish I could just "Like" this. Sometimes I have nothing of value to add in a comment, but I just want you to know that I like it. So here it is.

carissa at lowercase letters said...

i like the way you think... last year we did not get our kids presents because the grandparents got them plenty! : ) i think you're on to something with the preschool loot.

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