Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weekend Links - November 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to my wonderful mother-in-law!

1. This post Math - It's Not What I Thought is similar to the Math awakening I think I'm currently experiencing.

2. Loved, loved, loved Brandy's post about Why We Read Mythology.

3. This article by Norton Juster caught my eye: My Accidental Masterpiece. We love The Phantom Tollbooth in this house!

4. This week marked the birth of the 7 Billionth person on Earth. Glenn Stanton says: Seven Billion People? No Problem.

5. Did you know November is Picture Book Month? Eric Kimmel (one of our favorite authors) writes about Why Picture Books Are Important.

6. I can see this post about House Staging On a Budget coming in handy in my not-so distant future.

7. Confession time: I recently {tried to} read Color Me Beautiful. I enjoy clothes (saying I "love" them would be too strong, I think) and of course I would like to look polished and well dressed (even on something less than a shoestring budget). But the book confused me more than anything else. So no big closet clean out of all the unflattering colors I own. I'm just not sure what those items might be. And what if I threw out something perfectly good?

I may have issues. Anyway, this post about 4 Universally Flattering Colors is encouraging since I love the first three. I guess I'll continue with my current method of getting dressed: get up, put on clothes, look in mirror. Take off objectionable (for whatever reason) items. Add other items. Repeat until outfit is a) functional, b) reasonably attractive, c) too annoying to change any more, or d) the children interrupt.

Pins of the week:
As a PK (that's Pastor's / Preacher's Kid for you heathen who don't know what I'm talking about), I have a long relationship with metal folding chairs. Namely: setting them up and taking them down. And I can't say I've ever really wanted to own any personally. Until now:
Do you see that? They're spray painted in gorgeous colors! They are now certifiably...cute? I'm not sure what to call them but I wouldn't mind setting up a row or two of these for the next Ladies' meeting.

This little t-shirt:

Adorable! And I may or may not want one for myself.

I want this cake:

I know the chocolate and sugar induced coma would be more than worth it.

Outfit of the week:

I probably wouldn't choose that cardigan but, then again, I am not a fashion blogger so what do I know? I know that Elsie from A Beautiful Mess has some of the most creative clothes and crafts posts ever. And I know I would wear that dress and those tights and those boots.

Did you stumble on anything interesting this week? Do share!
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Elisabeth said...

I love, love that kids' shirt with the buttons!!

MacKenzie said...

I love Montessori concepts for younger kids but didn't really understand the elementary ideas until I read a book by Montessori recently where she talks about the rods and how they illustrate numbers and their relationships and I had my own little math epiphany. Still don't think I'll go full Montessori (now or later) but it was very interesting.

MacKenzie said...

Oh, and I love those colorful chairs but will they still do the domino fall if you misplace one. I hate that about stacking those things.

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