Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weekend Links - November 26, 2011

Please join me in praying for my blog friend MacKenzie. Her mother, after a long fight, died this morning. This is one of those times when being "blog friends" just isn't enough. How I wish I could sit and cry with my friend, or take her a casserole, or just watch Miss Lucy so she could rest for a little while. Those things can't happen and so I'm much more dependent on prayer. That's probably a good thing.

Please forgive me if I seem too flippant as I move on to these links, that is not my intention.

1. Here's an interesting homeschooling article: My Parents Were Home-Schooling Anarchists.

2. What makes it even more interesting is her mom responded with an article of her own: I Was That Home-Schooling Anarchist.

3. I agreed with this one a little too often: Driving Pet Peeves That Make Me Want to Ram People With My Van. I've been trying to teach Philip the correct way to drive in a parking lot for the past fifteen years. I think we've made some progress on that. (Sample quotation from early on: "What do you mean there's a wrong way?")

4. An encouraging, timely post (at least for me): Spiritual Protection for Your Growing Child.

5. I really loved this post on Homeschooling, Convictions, and the Christian Welcome. The modern day Pharisee is alive and well, I'm sorry to say. (I'm even sorrier to say that I am often that self-same Pharisee.)

6. Here's a nice list of Christmas Gift Ideas for kids (from Sarah at Clover Lane).

7. If you're on a tight budge and you have someone in your family who loves paper dolls, here's a nice supply of Printable Paper Dolls. (Have I ever mentioned that I love paper dolls? I have - yes, still - a rather large collection.)

8. If you're really stuck trying to figure out what to get me for Christmas may I suggest: Colin Firth Up For Sale. I kid, I kid. But still... Wow, what a chance.

9. From the Department of Really Random Stuff: The Amazing History and the Strange Invention of the Bendy Straw.

Pins of the Week:
Love these vintage cameras turned into nightlights:

I think the designer said these would soon be for sale on Etsy.

2. It's a little late for this year but file this away for next Thanksgiving:

So cute and, if done correctly, can be taken apart and made again next year. Unlike all those paper plate turkeys that end up in the trash. (Just us?)

Well, that's it for this week. (And I'm finally caught up on sharing all the links I saved last week!). Did you stumble onto anything interesting this week? Share in the comments.

I'm linking up with Saturday Stumbles at Simply Staci.

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Staci said...

I'm so sorry about your friend. Thank you for linking up!

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