Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weekend Links - November 19, 2011

Can you say "link happy"? 'Cause I think I went a little nuts this week. I'll save a few of my favorites to share on my new Candid Diversions facebook page but other than that, hold on and here we go:

1. Love these game cakes (via Sunday Sweets at Cake Wrecks.) They're all great but wow, look at that Hungry, Hungry Hippos cake = amazing!

2. Philip and I have been trying to step up the income side of our budget, which is the short reason why there have been some changes here at this blog. With that in mind, I appreciated this post: How to Monetize Your Blog Without Selling Your Soul.

3. My cousin Cindy wrote a great post: Krispy Kreme and God's Providence. I love these kind of reminders that God cares about us and our lives.

4. I don't want to turn this into a political blog (I've had a taste of political blogging and it is Not Fun) but I thought this was funny: You Know You Spend Too Much Time on Politics When...

5. This post on Sartorial Slippery Slopes caught my eye. Unless there is an underlying health reason can we just all agree that there is no need to wear our pajamas to the grocery store?

6. Here's your infographic of the week: Orwell vs. Huxley.

7. This list of 11 Sounds Your Kids Have Probably Never Heard is great. Great and sad. I am pleased to say that I'm doing my part to teach my kids about  these kind of things since we do own a working record player. The girls love it almost as much as I do.

8. Are you taking part in NaNoWriMo? (Where you attempt to write a complete book in just one month) Whether you are or not, this is an inspiring list of NaNoWriMo Books That Have Been Published. I've never read any of them, so I can't testify as to the quality, but it is encouraging to know that these efforts can end in actual publication. On the flip side, these Rejection Letters to Famous Authors might also be encouraging.

9. This is old now but I just stumbled across it and thought it was funny: Top 10 Worst Halloween Candy. You people who are still handing out Tootsie Rolls and Mary Janes are not fooling anyone. Gross!

10. A man found $500,000 Worth of Treasure in a Storage Unit. Stories like this are going to make my dad and grandpa stop watching Storage Wars and join in.

11. Thanksgiving is coming (just a friendly reminder there) and here's the Science of Leftovers: Why Don't They Taste As Good?

12. Have you seen the New Theory About Jane Austen's Death? Whatever the reason for her death, it was the world's loss and I dearly wish she had been granted the time to write more. But I suppose that is a primarily selfish inclination.

13. Let's just put the cameras away, all you YouTube Star Wannabes. Just for a little while. Maybe just enjoy the funny things your kids do and say without a lens between you.

14. P.D. James wrote a sequel to Pride and Prejudice. And now I am So! Excited! For! This!

15. And this is why I try to buy local honey: Tests Show Most Store Honey Isn't Honey. OK, that title is just inflammatory, but still - if you think you're buying honey it ought to be real honey.

16. Funny list: 10 Hairstyles We Hope Never Come Back. Not surprising, the mullet again takes top (low) honors here.

17. I get a lot of spam (and wow! it is annoying and often obscene) but there's not much to do about it: Referer Spam is Here To Stay. At least I know I'm not alone.

18. I've recently accepted a couple books to review and this post (H/T Melissa Wiley) really resonated with me: Remember When Viral Was a Bad Thing. I want to give honest reviews (but encouraging, if possible, since someone somewhere did a lot of work), but it is difficult to avoid the reviews and opinions of other people.

19. Did You Hear About the new German Ambulatory Amusement Ride? A walkable roller coaster? Um, OK, I'll admit right now: I don't get it.

20. Philip and I have been watching Parks and Recreation recently (this should not be considered an endorsement, by the way) and it's one of the few comedies that we both enjoy. This could be why: A Sitcom That Loves Middle America.

OK, that was about half the things I bookmarked this week to share with you. As Charlie Brown would say, "Good grief." I'll just share one pin with you to make up for all this wordiness.
These lion bookends, constructed from dollar store finds, would look fabulous on my shelves. Or, OK, any shelves:
source: Sweet Suite
Can you imagine them in black? Or hot pink? Someone get on that.

Did you stumble on anything great this week? Do you think I spent way too much time online this week? (Guilty!) Fire away in the comments.

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Elisabeth said...

I just want to know how you find all this stuff! I don't "stumble" across anything like you do on the internet!

Kristen said...

Wow! That's quite a list. I especially like the link on how to monetize your blog without selling your soul. That was encouraging!

Karin said...

Thanks for sharing - it gives me something to do as I enjoy a lazy, freezing cold Saturday - in my pjs - at home!!

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