Saturday, November 12, 2011

Weekend Links - November 12, 2011

1. My {previously in real life but now only through FB, blogs, twitter, and the like} friend Julie wrote a great post about Facebook flirting. I had so much I wanted to say about this I wrote an entire post. And then deleted it. It's just not coming together for me. But I will say this: Philip and I do not send or accept friend requests from members of the opposite gender unless we both agree to it. I don't have any former boyfriends to worry about {it's true!} and Philip isn't friends on FB with any of his previous girlfriends {and they are legion. OK, not really. But he has some}. I can imagine that, if that situation were different, we would need to use our very best communication skills to prevent trouble. And yes, I do know several marriages that have fallen apart in some small part due to rekindling former relationships via FB. I'm not blaming FB for this {sin is sin and has been around a long time} but it sure didn't help. OK, I said I wouldn't post about this and now I clearly have. Moving on now.

2. Will Dropouts Save America? I think the answer might be "yes". The higher education bubble is bursting. I'm not against higher education, per se, but I am against taking out massive student loans and not having anything to show for it once you get your diploma. Adult life is difficult enough when you don't start out thousands of dollars in the hole.

3. I'm a big IKEA fan and this article about the Most Ridiculous IKEA Product Names is fun. My favorite on the list: FLARDFULL.

4. I used this tutorial to fix a t-shirt this week: Large T-Shirt to Fitted T. It turned out so well Philip actually asked me, "How did you do that?!" {My t-shirt has a superman logo. You can be jealous now at my fantastic shirt and mad sewing skills.}

5. The Everybody, Everywear theme this month was Colored Tights. I love colored tights and I have many pairs of them.

6. Speaking of colored tights, Krista's post Tight Tips: 6 New Ways To Mix It Up might inspire some new ways to use your tights. I especially like the effect of the opaque and sheer layered together.

Pins of the week:
Source: Inktastic
Had to share this one. I don't have a baby boy, but if I did, he would totally need that bib.

2. I love the idea of making bunk beds with a baby bed:

3. Thanksgiving is coming and we'll probably need to make this pie:

4. My girls love cutting and pasting so I think we might try this for spelling practice:
Yes, the effect is a little "leave $1,000 in the fallen log by the stream or you'll never see your little dog again", but I still think they would enjoy it.

5. This is just super clever:
Someday, when I have a craft room...

Did you stumble onto anything interesting this week? Do share!
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Kristen said...

What a beautiful dress! I've done the cutting activity with my classes from preschool to grade 4 (at differing degrees obviously) and it's always been a huge hit! Great stumbles!

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