Monday, November 21, 2011

More on Monday

More links, that is. Didn't I tell you I had saved too many last week?

If you're wondering what I've been doing today here's the list:
  • tidying up from the weekend. Sundays destroy our house. This is one of the lesser known side-effects of life in "the ministry"
  • making some Thanksgiving plans and menu plan for the week
  • helping the girls with school. I gave them assignments to last through Wednesday morning but they've been super motivated today and should have everything done today or tomorrow
  • praying for friends and family in particular need today
  • taking a nap. Oh, yes, I did. I sat down on the couch with my fleece blanket and a good mystery and, though the mystery is good, the blanket won.
So, anyway, here are a few more links, just in case you're having a lazy, browsing kind of day too:

1. Careers for People Who Don't Like People. Actuary, anyone?

2. The Science of Sarcasm. I've often said that sarcasm is my native tongue. Research suggests that children understand sarcasm quite early on. Probably from their parents saying, "You want to do what? Yeah, that'll happen." OK, I made that part up. Maybe I'm the only parent who has ever said such a thing.

3. Interesting discussion on Little Sibs and Hand Me Downs. We love hand me downs around the Charming house. And I loved them as a kid too. "New to me" clothes were always welcome.

4. Really loved this post from The Homespun Heart: On Feeling Small.

5. And a timely suggestion as the holiday season swings into full speed ahead: Don't Be A Charity Sl*t This Year.
    And, just in case you have some travel coming up this week (we will actually be doing our Thanksgiving travel next week. Yeah, we like to stretch things out), here's a really cute printable take on the license plate game:
    What's going on for you on this Monday before Thanksgiving?

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