Thursday, November 3, 2011

In Which I Praise our Local Thrift Store

Remember that picture of the girls & Fen as Despicable Me characters from the other day? OK, I'll refresh your memory. This one:
For these get-ups we had to buy:
  • face paint - two tubes (yellow and white. We didn't buy this at the thrift store but it was on sale at the "Party" store)
  • overalls for Sweet Pea, Lili and Fen (his mom bought his at Target and we ended up super-gluing the snaps because they were constantly coming open. Buyer beware!)
  • glasses for Margo (which have now become a favorite in our "dress up" bag. Sweet Pea has taken to wearing them just any old time. When I think of how much I hated my glasses I HAD to wear when I was a kid...!)
  • wig for Agnes
  • hat with braids for Edith
  • yellow shirts for Lili & Fen (Fen's was also purchased by his Mom)
  • yellow hat for Lili (Fen lucked out here as his natural blond head looked pretty Minion like already)
Everything else came from the girls' personal wardrobes and my makeup bag (the black eye pencil that I almost never use).

The black wig was a thrift store find for $4. I have to say, it was basically not worth even that much. Sweet Pea hated it, there wasn't a good way to secure it on her head, and it would probably have been easier to just use a temporary dye on her hair. But I didn't want to dye her beautiful blonde curls so cheap wig won out.

The glasses were in a big bin in the thrift store. They charged us $1 and Philip popped out the lenses. I can't remember what the thrift store charged for the hats but it wasn't much. "Margo" carried a clip board we already had. "Agnes" also started out carrying a stuffed unicorn that belongs to Tigger, but that ended up riding in the stroller with Baby Minion pretty quickly.

All told, we managed to dress all five kids for our Harvest Party and a fun filled night of trick or treating for around $15, although I have to admit I'm not sure what my sister spent on Fen's clothes. Even so, $15 for four kids is a triumph in this age of $29.99 costumes.

The only thing I have to do now is decide what they'll wear next year that satisfies their desire to be "Dressed up" and my desire not to take out a second mortgage.


Lisa said...

I loved the costumes. Great job on getting them at a great price!

Anonymous said...

margo was exactly same, cute...

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