Friday, November 18, 2011

Finer Things Friday - Togetherness

Lately during our bedtime prayers with the girls (which is a Finer Thing in its own right) we've been asking them to tell us one thing they're thankful for. (Ack! Ending a sentence with a preposition - someone will revoke my Grammar Snob card. Oh, well. I also plan to use a lot of sentence fragments in this post. In for a penny, in for a pound.)

The answers to this have been varied and pretty much what you would expect (our family, a house, clothes, all my toys) Then last night Tigger (the picture above is Tigger earlier this year) looked around their bedroom. Their tiny bedroom.

The bedroom with bunk beds, a toddler bed and a pack n play all crammed together in as artful a way possible. The room that is one of the main reasons we're hoping to sell our house next year.

"I'm thankful that we all get to sleep together!" She said. Her sisters {well, the ones who talk already. Miss Lili said nothing but she was smiling} all agreed. Despite the cramped quarters, despite the occasional disagreement ("She put her toe on my bed", anyone?), despite the struggle to keep a room which four girls, their clothes and their toys share even remotely tidy: they enjoy their time together.

Which is definitely a Finer Thing in my book.
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Elisabeth said...

I can't get one girl to keep her very own room clean. I can't imagine having four in one room! But they are making wonderful and maybe some not-so-wonderful memories and bonds that will last long after they have split up and have rooms that require no sister sharing. =)

"Gram" said...

That Tigger! She has always been so quotable. And she's always been a real sweetheart, too. (At least, that's how I've always seen her. So far I've not been the object of that other quality for which she's well known. [wink])

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