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Weekend Links - October 30, 2011

Yes, dear devoted readers (all 5 of you), this has been a light posting week for me. It has not, however, been a light living week. We started the week with a nice extended family getaway. A cave visit, an hour long horseback ride, many games, much food and much frivolity ensued (not necessarily in that order or significance).

We rushed home for our church's annual Harvest Party. We came crashing back to reality with a vengeance. Vengeance, I say! {Sigh}. Maybe I'll talk about it later but right now I'm just putting the whole thing behind me.

Anyway, suffice it to say, it's been a busy week and blogging hasn't been a priority. I do have some links for today because, while I haven't felt like writing my own blog posts, I have enjoyed reading some:

1. Some of this Critique of The Consumption Tax goes way over my head. I do think I have a slightly better handle on the idea and the points against it. Everyone has their own pet solution but I hope we can all agree that our current system is horribly broken and in need of an overhaul.

2. Smockity Frocks' post Making Family an Idol? Is one of those posts I wish I'd written.

3. This second post On Memorization from Ordo Amoris had me nodding my head and heartily agreeing. {OK, I admit: I only nodded my head in my head. I doubt it was actually physically nodding. Just, you know, so we're clear.} The part that really resonated with me: Unnecessary memorization = parlor trick.

4. I have a Fake Family too. Let me tell you: my fake family is fabulous. There are never lights left on, toothpaste on the bathroom floor (or tub), daughters whining ("Why do I always do all the work around here?") rumpled clothes, or impromptu pick-ups just so we can find the bedroom floor again. Not Fake Family. Jen Hatmaker has a different life and different family from mine. And we both need to retire our fake families.

5. This Darning Tutorial could come in handy. I'm getting fairly good at mending things but I'm pretty sure you have to know how to darn in order to go pro.

6. Advice on Cashing In On Your Hit YouTube Video. You know, just in case.

7. And now, before sharing my favorite pins of the week, let me share two posts about the ethics of Pinterest:
My takeaways: I pin from the specific post, not the main page; I'm trying to give far more attribution and credit in my pin captions (beyond just "Love This"); and I'm not pinning things that are for sale with captions like "I could totally do this for far cheaper than this Hussy is charging." You know, simple good manners.

And, with all that said, onto my favorite pins:
Adding a spout to a mason jar? Brilliant!

I love this Lego storage:

I'm keeping this in mind for the day (far future and nebulous) that we have a dedicated playroom.

This hedgehog costume is possibly the cutest thing ever:

You see? Ever.

I need to throw a book exchange party:
Outfit of the week:

Would you believe that Kelly is 4'11"? (Her blog Alterations Needed is a great resource for those of us who are, ahem, vertically challenged.)

So, did you stumble on anything this week? Do share!
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