Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weekend Links - October 22, 2011

Links for this week:
1. A Little TV Won't Hurt. But wait:

2. Yes, it Will. These dueling posts, both of which were written recently, demonstrate that the "screen wars" are not over. My take: you're the parent, be the parent. Whatever you decide about your kids and screen time, make sure you are actually DECIDING about your kids and screen time.

3. I've been following some the book posts about Men Without Chests by C.S. Lewis. Some of it goes {way} over my head. But I found myself nodding my head and murmur ring "yes, exactly" while reading Brandy's related post on Training the Emotions. I am a girl (duh) and I am raising four daughters. Training the emotions is a pretty major, necessary work around here. (Also: I have now checked out The Abolition of Manby Lewis from our library. I plan to dive in next week. Wish me success!)

4. This post on To Trick or Treat or Not to Trick or Treat sounds pretty much like our family's chosen approach. (We do, in case you're wanting the short answer.)

5. 7 Secrets Retailers Won't Tell You. I always head straight for the back of a store and the clearance stuff, unless I'm Christmas shopping.

6. My amazing husband has just taken up roasting his own coffee beans so I think he would enjoy this post about Coffee basics. And I am putting it in this post in the hopes that I will remember to share it with him. (Or, maybe, he might read my blog someday and see it.)

7. I enjoyed this Confessions post by Stacy at Not Just a Housewife because it's nice to know that someone else doesn't get the current blogging obsessions of coffee filters, chevron stripes and pennant banners.

8. Careers for the Classically Educated. This post (by Cindy of Ordo Amoris) really encouraged me.

9. Another encouraging post: How to Do Hard Things by Connie at Smockity Frocks.

10. And yes, another encouraging post: A Conscious Pace. Here's one of my favorite quotes:
My husband is wonderful at compartmentalizing his different roles. His brain I think, has little rooms with doors, and when he walks out of one room so to speak, into another, he can slam that door and all the stress, deadlines, responsibility stay shut in there. My brain doesn't have doors, heck it doesn't have walls. I feel all the stress from all the responsibilities all the time. Stress affects how we act every day and I realized that when I felt really happy and content I choose to do one thing, and one thing well.
11. Here's a look at a local mansion. I love my Crosley (and I love the local connection)! But can you imagine actually living in a place like that?

Pins of the week:
Love this tool cart re-purposed into a changing table:

Although I would want a red one instead of yellow, of course.

Miss Lili would love this:

What is it about pulling wipes out of the wipe container that is just so awesome to a baby?!

We're off to the corn maze / pumpkin patch today. I hope you have lots of Fall fun planned for your Saturday too!

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