Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekend Links - October 15, 2011

Before I start let me just say "Happy Anniversary!" to my grandparents.

1. New research suggests that chocolate is "as good for you as exercise". Haven't I been saying that for years? Sometimes dreams really do come true.

2. This WNBA player is only 5-2. There goes that excuse for not being better at basketball. I know nothing about this woman but I admire her already. It's a tall person's world out there and we short(-er) folks have to stick together.

3. Here's a useful list of period dramas that you can watch online via YouTube (and a few other sites). If you haven't already watched "North and South" (the British version not the old 1980's cheese fest) or "Little Dorrit" I recommend you start NOW. You can thank me later.

4. 14 Wonderful Words with No English Equivalent. I suggest we adopt "Tartle" and "Zeg" immediately.

5. Another Mental Floss post: 25 Words You Might Know are Trademarked. Pass me a Kleenex while I eat my Jell-O, won't you?

6. My dad clued me in to this post In Defense of Disney Princesses. Our favorites are Belle and Cinderella, just FYI.

7. 10 Writing Tips from the Masters. This is my favorite:
Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass. ~Anton Chekhov

8. Have you ever run into a NOEITEU? I have. Almost every day. Far worse than running into one would be actually being one, though.

9. I read this obituary about a local woman who spied for the British during the Second World War with great interest. What a great story!

10. I'm not sure what the moral is in this story but it caught my eye: Dispute Over Apple Image Shows Internet's Reach. I sure hope the lesson here is not "don't even try to be creative because someone has already done what you are going to do". Creativity is hard enough without fear of being sued. (Of course, I do not approve of outright plagiarism or theft ever. But the line is fine sometimes, is it not?)

Pins of the week:
1. I'd like to try to make my own handsoap like this:

2.I love these DIY bookends:

3. Outfit of the week:

Simple, casual, and I think I have similar pieces in my wardrobe already.

Have you stumbled on anything interesting this week? Please share!
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Staci said...

You always have the most interesting links, Karen!! I love the one about the trademarked words...I use most all of those!! Thanks for linking up!

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