Saturday, October 1, 2011

Weekend Links - October 1, 2011

How is it October already?! Yeah, I know. It comes after September. Thanks, all you {presumed} smarty-pants.
Pins of the week:
This outfit by Kayla from Freckles in April:

This beadboard coffee table (I'm sure I've mentioned that I'm a sucker for beadboard)

 I know the girls would love this dollhouse in an Expedit:

And now for our usual random assemblage of links. (Some of these are older because I'm considering deleting my Delicious account and I thought I better share them here so I don't lose them altogether.)

1. Jon Acuff took on the idea that saying "I'm just saying" is some kind of magical get out of being a jerk card. Sounds to me like "I'm just saying" is the new "bless her heart." For those of you unfamiliar with the phrase, it's common in the south. Any criticism or negative comment, when followed with "bless her heart", is excused. For instance: "She looks like she hasn't found her hairbrush since 1986, bless her heart."

2. I, for obvious reasons, really identified with this post: When Your House is Like a Clown Car. Contrary to my occasional grumbling, I do love this house. How could I not? I've brought each of my babies home to this house. I think it has magical expanding properties: all four girls and all their stuff and we two adults and all our stuff still fits here.

3. Did you know you can refill Wallflowers at home with essential oils? Now we know.

4. I wish I could print this out and give it away to everyone: How to Use an Apostrophe.

5. You may have noticed the changes at Facebook. Well, there are more changes on the way. This post unpacks some of them and explains some of the implications. (Delicious and Pinterest both changed this week too, just as a side note.)

6. Looking for online language arts games (I was for Miss Polly). Jimmie has a great list of the 10 Best.

7. 20 Reasons You Are Not Getting Extreme Coupon Results. I - being the frugal girl that I am - love coupons. I do not love when shelves are swept clean of a certain product or that stores are tightening up their policies as a result of this show. Thoughts?

8. Here's a great list of Math games to play with a simple deck of cards.

9. Love, love, love this post about Being Home.

10. Want to read a beautiful post about marriage? Try this one: Marriage Myths - I Never Really Loved Her. Then go hug your husband. Seriously. I did.

11. This is the post that challenged me the most this week: Circle of Influence. This quote right here is when I knew Kris was talking about me:
It’s not that I don’t like people, but rather that I often have an impatient attitude toward many of them.
Gulp. I may not be a "people person". (OK, I definitely am not.) But I can be patient and loving. That's a choice I can make, not something I can't control.

Stumbled on anything interesting this week? Comments on any of my links? Share in the comments!
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Staci said...

Whoa that dollhouse is wonderful!! I want to make one for mysef :) Ha! Thanks for linking up!

"Gram" said...

Thanks for the reality post about the fake show,Extreme Couponing. I don't like it even though I've never seen it! Do you know who else will be losers in this couponing saga? It will be companies like P & G because many consumers will be forced to find substitutions for favorite name brand products. No one wins.

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