Thursday, October 6, 2011

Things I Love Thursday - Times of Encouragement

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday mornings sitting in a conference {primarily} for preachers. The host church fed us breakfast and lunch. They offered a staffed nursery and children's program. (Which the girls are still talking about.) The ladies of the host church prepared a sweet gift for each preacher's wife.

But all those things were not my favorite part. There were four sermons by four different preachers each morning. Yes, the sitting and listening was my favorite part.

Before we went to the conference, I knew we were facing some significant spiritual challenges. I knew that there are some things our church must do better. I knew there were things I must do. I knew I was tired and weary but I don't think I would have admitted to being burned out.

But God is good to send us where we need to be just when we need to be there. I hadn't really considered attending this conference both mornings. I thought we would go the first morning just to say we'd gone and to say hello to some friends. (The church hosting the conference is about 30 minutes away, so it did not require us to be gone overnight. We just drove home each afternoon.)

It turned out the 8 sermons were just what we needed to hear. (Including one where my dad knocked it out of the park. Not that I'm surprised by that, he's always a great preacher -if I do say so myself -but it's just sometimes he really, you know, Brings It.)

Restoration from God, fellowship with fellow laborers, and a temporary change of scenery: definitely things to love.

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Pam said...

So true! I can't wait for our church's women's retreat just for such a time!

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