Friday, October 21, 2011

Frugal Fridays: Further Proof...

that I am not a style blogger and that Candid Diversions is not a decorating blog:
I saw an owl at the thrift store, almost exactly like this one.

And I didn't buy it to spray paint it white.

I didn't buy it at all.

Part of me really wanted to buy that owl. Then I could have run over to Target or Home Depot and picked up some white spray paint. (I am not - alas - someone who just has white spray paint sitting around)

My Prince Charming thought the idea was a little crazy (he doesn't read home decor blogs, obviously) but he told me to go ahead and try it if I wanted to. So he wasn't the one holding me back.

Here's what held me back:
  • I don't have time today to spray paint an owl or anything else. We have other things going on (and weather that is currently wet and yucky) that do not include spray painting owls.
  • Which would mean I would have an ugly ceramic owl sitting in my living room or, more likely, my basement because who wants to have an ugly owl staring at them?
  • We were at the thrift store to work on the girls' Harvest Party costumes. None of the girls required an owl for her costume. (Just out of curiosity, what costume might require an owl? I'm drawing a blank here.)
  • I had already picked up a couple snowman plates that we didn't not, strictly speaking, need. While they were impulse buys they were quite a bit cheaper than the owl.
  • Which I would have to buy spray paint to complete, remember?
One of these days I might just buy some spray paint and go to town on some thrift store finds. This was not that day. There may or may not be a ceramic owl in my future. And I'm perfectly OK with that.

Frugality isn't always about not affording something - I could have easily purchased the owl without hurting my budget. Sometimes it's about knowing the right time for something. Sometimes it's about knowing yourself and letting yourself off the hook - I'm not a decorating blogger so I didn't need to buy something, paint it, and show it off {to the 57 blog parties I link up to every stinkin' day. Ahem. I may have strong feelings about some of these decor / craft bloggers}.

And, as it happens, I got a blog post out of it without buying any owls or spray paint {wink}

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Mom2fur said...

It's always a good idea to think about how much more 'stuff' you want to bring into your home. Trust me...there will come a day you'll want to downsize and get rid of a lot of it. Like when you retire in the far future...
But, that said, there could also come a day you'll see an owl at a garage sale for much less than the one you saw! will already be spray-painted white.

Green Bean said...

Ha! I've done that many a times. Even the stuff I do buy - the chairs sitting out in my garage to be spray painted for my dining room table - weigh on. Mom2fur is right. There's only so much "stuff" any of us need.

Karin said...

And I thought you cleverly soaked the before owl in Dr. Pepper and that resulted in the lovely transformation, LOL! JUST KIDDING! We're at the stage of decluttering once again with our move coming up! I have frugal friday every day - I'd rather give the money away for a worthwhile cause!

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