Friday, September 9, 2011

Poetry Lesson? Thanks, Target!

You've heard of teachable moments, right? How about teachable mass mail?

Let me explain: this little coupon book from Target arrived in our mail the other day. Being the frugal chick I am, this is enough to cause a little frisson of excitement. Then I actually flipped through it.


I mean, you get it right? Hi, Coupons. "Haiku-pons".

The coupons are divided in sets of three with this type of haiku:

bowls of milky crunch
for breakfast, lunch or dinner
love by the spoonfuls

I read the entire little booklet to the girls at supper time and had them guess the subjects of the poem. They loved it. Really loved it.

"I wish we could read more haikus," Tigger said. (Yes, I know, the plural of haiku is actually haiku - like moose, the word doesn't change . She's only six. I didn't bother to correct her grammar. It's the sentiment that thrilled me.)

She was ridiculously excited when I told her she could probably find whole books of them at the library.

Now the girls are writing their own, talking about syllables and rythym, and planning to check a few more poetry books out at the library next week.

Definitely the best mailer I've ever gotten from Target, whether I end up using the coupons or not.


MacKenzie said...

Fun...but why didn't I get those coupons? Is it because Target knows poetry scares me?

Karin said...

What clever advertising!! Sounds like fun!

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