Friday, September 30, 2011

Finer Things Friday - Family Resemblance

For Tigger's birthday this week I shared this picture of her on facebook:
Lots of people left her birthday messages, which I shared with her. Among the messages were the following comments.

One person, an old friend from our Tennessee days, said:
"Very cute, looks like her dad."

Another old friend from our growing up in Tennessee days said:
"She looks so much like you, Karen."

I love it. I love that two different people can look at the same little girl and see a parent reflected in her, because I think they're both right. (Another thing I love about this is that these comments were not from relatives trying to "claim" Tigger. These were disinterested parties who had never met Tigger in person nor seen Philip or me in at least seven years.)

One of the best things about parenting more than one child is getting to see some of the different ways their daddy's and my DNA combines to make {beautiful} children.
Philip made this picture comparison when Miss Lili came along:  so similar, so obviously related and yet so individual and perfect.

Family resemblance - it's a Finer Thing.

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