Friday, September 23, 2011

Dear Lili - 1 Year

Dearest Little (but not so little any more) Lili,
Hard to believe, but your first year is over and the second has started. Compared to how long the wait for you seemed (those are the longest months of a mom's life!), this past year has just flown by.
You are still a big-time Mommy's girl. Daddy will do, you tolerate a grandparent now and then, and sisters are OK, but you go for Mommy every time. Some things don't change, I guess.
Right now you crawl at super speed around the house. You pull up on everything and you'll let go but no unassisted steps yet. You just recently allowed us to start "helping" you walk around. Out of the four of you only Sweet Pea could walk before her first birthday so I guess you're content to follow in your two oldest sisters' steps.
Speaking of your two oldest sisters, you are like a combination of the two of them. I think if I could blend together Polly and Tigger's baby pictures the result would be a picture of you. Of course you do have a lot more hair than Polly had at this stage, so that's nice.
You love pretty much all food. My plan to skip baby food worked fairly well. You still only have the two bottom teeth but that doesn't hold you back from eating what you want. You're fairly comfortable with a sippy cup these days, although you do insist on holding them upside down, which makes it a bit harder to get anything out of them but you do NOT like us switching it around for you.
Actually, you're fairly opinionated about pretty much everything. You know how to get your point across. We laugh at how you raise yourself up to your full height and puff out a bit in order to intimidate Fen or your sisters. You may be petite but you're no pushover. You sleep through the night but you're still nursing a few times a day. That's fine by me. Except for the biting stage you went through. I'm thankful you only have two teeth!
You learned how to nod your head for "yes" and shake your head for "no" pretty early on and you let us know if you like something or not. We think you can say a few words (Mama, Dada, bye) but you're not much of a chatter. (Let's face it, it's pretty hard to get a word in edgewise around here.)
Other things you love: the water (bath-time or swimming), being outside, riding in your stroller, meal times, bedtime with your sisters (you particularly love playing with Tigger, whose bed is right beside yours), dogs, books, every food you've ever tried except spinach, hugs and kisses, playing pat-a-cake, peek-a-boo, and singing songs.
In the past year you've traveled clear across the country. Here's a bit of family trivia for you: you're the only one in our family to see the Pacific Ocean before the Atlantic. You were a great little traveler on our big vacation. Who knows where we'll have been by the time your next birthday rolls around!
In short, Little One, there just aren't enough words to describe how precious you are to us. There's just no way to describe the indescribable gift you are. God gives many blessings to His children and having children like you is one of the greatest! You are sunshine in our lives and I can't imagine what we'd do without you.
Love Always,

(Pictures: some of my favorite Lili pictures from the past year.)


Elisabeth said...

Happy birthday little Lili!

"Gram" said...

Happy birthday Baby Girl!!!!



Lisa said...

Great post! Happy Birthday, Lili!

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