Thursday, September 1, 2011

Another Homeschool Year - History Edition

This year for History we're starting the 4 year cycle again which means we're back to Ancient Times. This is one of my favorites because there are just so many cool subjects my kids get excited about reading. (Mummies, pyramids, ancient treasure!)

We're still using The Story of the World, textbook and activity book. Each girl has her own mapwork and Tigger does the coloring sheets. This time around, the girls have also enjoyed listening to the audio cds we checked out from the library. (Narrated by Jim Weiss).
Polly is also outlining some main subjects, people and events by using the Usborne Internet Linked Encyclopedia of World History and the DK History of the World.

(Note: after this post was published, we added the Kingfisher History Encyclopedia to our set and returned the DK edition to the library):

Books we use to supplement and to teach Biblical timelines (as opposed to the timelines in The Story of the World which I do not consider always reliable, especially concerning Biblical history):

We're also reading books suggested by the lists in the Story of the World activity book and from this suggested reading list.

We also keep a timeline book since we don't have room to put a timeline on a wall. I printed ours from Simply Charlotte Mason. (Download available here) You could print out pictures or timeline figures if you want, although our book is pretty simple with very few pictures.

Later this year Polly and I plan to work through this book, which goes along with our Latin studies:

And I'd love to buy a copy of this:

(Note: after this post was first published I received a copy of this from Paperback Swap.)

Another book we'll read aloud (selections if we're not up to the entire thing):

And we've started a collection of the fabulous David Macaulay Books:

And then, to go along with all our reading, there are the fabulous printables from Notebooking Pages (these are for purchase, but there are some great free printables as well):

Can you tell that History is one of our all-time favorite subjects? What about you? What are your favorite resources for teaching Ancient History?
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