Friday, August 26, 2011

My Friday Morning

It's not noon yet but Miss Lili has already been to the doctor this morning. (ominous music here)

And the verdict is...non specified eye trouble - not necessarily what we all know as Pink Eye (ominous music ends). For which she now has an eye salve. (11 month old baby with a mind of her own + prescription eye salve = lots of fun for Mom and Dad)

In other news, she weighs 16 pounds now, according to the doctor's scale. This is good because we're supposed to be working on her weight gain. I now have a secret weapon in this fight: rice pudding. The girl ate every last bit of rice pudding I offered her and some I didn't last night!)

In further news, I think I like the doctor she saw today more than our regular doctor. The doctor she (and Philip because I did not actually go to this visit. I stayed home with Sweet Pea and Fen) saw this morning is the same one who treated her poor little toes (remember the hair tourniquet?) and he's great. He gives us his contact numbers and tells us to call him if we need him which I do not think our regular pediatrician (much as I like her) has ever done. Dr. M's theory is that if he gives us his numbers we will not need to use them, whereas, if he doesn't, we will.

That's how I think and, consequently, I like this guy.

Now, back to regularly scheduled Friday programming. (You know, after a non-scheduled doctor's appointment and $16.62 worth of baby torture eye salve we're all ready for business as usual.)


Karin said...

Trust all will be back to 'normal' soon, whatever that is, lol!

Elisabeth said...

Hannah and Ryan both had pink eye once...nightmare!! What's worse than a child who requires eye drops multiple times a day??? TWO kids who need them! I can't decide if salve would be better or worse. Good luck! =)

Lisa said...

Aw! I hope her eyes feel better soon

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