Monday, August 29, 2011

Moments with Sweet Pea

We had a special meeting honoring our senior citizens at our church Friday night. Sweet Pea looked like this:
and her hair looked like this:
In other words, she was cute as a button. She always is, of course, but on this occasion she really dialed up the cuteness factor.

But you don't have to take my word for it. When the fellowship part of the meeting (hey, we're Baptists. We like our food!) was over and we were on our way out, Sweet Pea was already upstairs waiting for us.

"Where were you going without us?" We all asked her.

"Mom, someone wants to take me home with them," she told me. ("Because I'm just so cute.")

Not knowing which one of our older friends had been telling her this, I just took the opportunity to remind her, "Well, Sweet Pea, never get in a car with a stranger."

Sweet Pea was slightly indignant over this. "Mom, I'm trying not to!"

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Lisa said...

She IS cute as a button, and I would steal her any day :)

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