Friday, August 5, 2011

Just When I Renewed My Effort to Blog Frequently...

First of all: I finally earned my first Amazon Associate paycheck so a huge, great big, ginormous "Thank you!" to anyone who bought anything from Amazon using that little search box on my right sidebar (or from one of my links) is in order.

Second: Blogger and Amazon have now completely messed up the Amazon Associate plug in. Messed up as in: it's not working at all. Neither is taking the credit (that is: blame) for this and neither (naturally) is trying to fix it. {bangs head on desk}

Google (and Amazon) giveth and Google (and Amazon) taketh away? Ah, the frustrations of modern life. Meanwhile, I'm researching switching completely to Wordpress. Except then I'd need to make more Amazon money to cover my domain name and the Wordpress fees. {bangs head on desk again}

I'm ending my rant now. Unless you'd like to hear more because, trust me, I could go on for awhile about my frustrations with these...well (ahem) I guess I better stop now. Wouldn't want to actually lose my temper.

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