Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Morning Moments with Fen

Today, at a celebratory lunch, Fen had decided to order french fries. He excitedly ordered these for himself (I asked the waitress to include some chicken tenders with his order). The waitress moved on to the next person in our (rather large) party.

The little emperor must not have seen the need of this (other people need lunch, too?!) because he piped up:

"Hey, go make my fries!"

Let's just say patience is a character trait we're still working on around here.

I am happy to report that some things are starting to rub off on the lad. As he watched his cousins begin their Taekwondo lesson this morning he said (much perturbed), "Hey, we didn't pray yet!"

That's our boy.

(picture credit: I took this one earlier this summer. You can tell because later the boy's mama took him and got almost all his hair cut off for the warm weather.)


ginellebaskin said...

Such a handsome boy! Looks a lot like my Luke! We're still working on patience too:)

Amy said...

Silly me... I've still been picturing little Fen as a baby... for quite a while now! One would think I'd know better!
Sweet boy. :)

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