Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Homeschool Year - Science Edition

Science is one subject I have not been pleased with in Polly's first 4 years of school. I like the idea of a four year cycle (it works amazingly well for History). I followed the recommendations from The Well Trained Mind as to which books to use.

And it just didn't work for us. Sometimes homeschooling is like that. Good plans just don't work out for one reason or another. I even put Philip in charge of Polly's science last year. Small improvement but still, not stellar.

I think this is the year all of that changes. We're still going to follow a four year cycle (Life Science, Earth Science / Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics) only for now and most likely in the future, we're using Apologia materials. This year we're using this textbook:
Exploring Creation Human AnatomyExploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology (part of the Young Explorer series) along with these notebooks:
Exploring Creation with Anatomy & Physiology Notebooking Journal (Apologia) - PaperbackNotebooking Journal (for Polly) and
Exploring Creation Human Anatomy JUNIOR Notebooking JournalJunior Notebooking Journal (for Tigger)

Granted, the school year just started (we're in week 3) but we already love this curriculum. The text is fantastic but it also includes narration prompts (popular with Classical and Charlotte Mason homeschooling methods), copywork (ditto), experiments, and all those little cut and paste activities so popular with the unit study / notebooking crowd.

We read the text together and the girls keep up with their notebooks (Polly's has more writing than Tigger's and some of the activities are simplified in the Junior notebook). We "do" science two or three times a week but the girls have been asking for it almost every day. Even Sweet Pea is listening in and enjoying it.

Have I mentioned we love it? And when I say we, I mean the girls ("I love science this year," is an actual quote from Polly) and their parents (although maybe Philip is just relieved he doesn't have to be in charge of this subject this year).

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MacKenzie said...

I think Apologia is great. We used Bob Jones until my sophmore year and I always thought I hated science. Then we switched to Apoligia and I did three years of science in two and decided to major in biomedical science so I can literally say it changed my life!

Greyson said...

We really enjoy the Apologia stuff. We used it in a co-op our first year, and I'm planning on starting the Land Mammals with next year's school. Good stuff. Glad you guys found something you like!!

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