Friday, July 22, 2011

We're In Trouble

We were driving home from a family outing last night when, apropos of nothing, Sweet Pea asked, "What's the name of that boy that likes me?"

Entire family: ?!?!

Sweet Pea: "You know, that boy at camp last year. I don't remember his name. I don't know why he likes me so much."

Entire family: ?!?!

This continued a bit longer as we tried to figure out what this crazy girl was talking about. We had a little talk (ahem) about boy-girl issues (such as: we will not be calling little boys and girls "boyfriends and girlfriends") and dropped the issue so the girls could get ready for bed. (We were home by this point.)

After prayer time the girls were all walking back to their bedroom. Philip and I heard Polly asking her sister, "Sweet Pea, how come you talk about boys so much?" (Side note: Sweet Pea does not actually talk about boys all that often.)

Sweet Pea: "Well, they're just so handsome."

Sweet Pea's parents: !!!!!

I must say, we thought we had a few years before this started. And we were kind of thinking Polly, being the oldest, would get there first.
Ah, parental naivete. Pray for us, friends.

Picture credit: Philip took these pictures of Sweet Pea before she started swim lessons. She would like you all to know that she can now float (well) and swim (not-quite-so-well) on her own without that float.


Elisabeth said...

I'll pray for you, you pray for me! Seems we are both going to need it! I do have to agree, tho, my boy is quite handsome! =)

Vicky said...

I have to admit that Ryan IS a cutie!

Out of the mouth of babes! They never cease to amaze me! Sweet Pea sure is cute in her pig tails! Yes, you might be headed to trouble earlier than you dreamed!

Karin said...

Your sweet post just took me down my memory lane! And now the grands seem to be going down that road much sooner than my kids! Yikes! May the Lord give you all the wisdom you'll need!!

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