Saturday, July 2, 2011

Look Worthy Links - 7/2/11 Edition

1. Yesterday was Pastor Dad's birthday (All together now: Happy Birthday!). I was looking for lime recipes because Pastor Dad loves limeade and lime shakes. Here's one Lime Milk Shake I found.

2. I also came across this Key Lime Cake during my search.

3. Then I saw these Orange Creamsicle Cookies. We have some {yummy} baking in our future, I think.

4. Salted Caramel Brownies? Yes, please. (That has nothing to do with Pastor Dad's birthday. I just think they'd be good.)

5. Illinois and California are two states who have recently decided to punish bloggers. Didn't hear the story that way? (What, you though Amazon was just going to roll over and take it?) Brandy at Afterthoughts has a post on this situation: Fired. (This might be a good time to say again: I am an Amazon Associate or Affiliate. When you buy something from one of my links or the Amazon search box in my right sidebar, it supports this blog. I haven't accumulated enough to actually be paid yet, but I'm optimistic. So, Ohio, don't get any ideas about following Illinois and California, pretty please!)

6. This post asks Are Boomers to Blame for the Housing Mess? I say: of course they are. They're to blame for most of the mess in this country. {ahem} Seriously, though: what say you?

7. This spiral french braid is too cute. Coming soon to a Sweet Pea head near you!

8. This post The #1 Way to Excite Children About Reading is right on. Lots of time, lots of enthusiasm, lots of variety = love of reading and time well spent for parents and children.

So, what did you stumble on this week? This post is linked to Saturday Stumbles at Simply Staci - come share your links!

Photo credit: Prince Charming took this picture of a visitor to our back porch yesterday.


Staci said...

Lots of yummy recipes!! Thanks for linking up!

MacKenzie said...

Loved that reading post. It gave me encouragement to keep going even when Lucy is driving us nuts shoving books in our faces and we just want a break!

Also, I really enjoy your link posts in general but could you make the links a more contrasting color, they can be hard to find sometimes.

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