Friday, July 8, 2011

Lili at 9 Months

  • loves the water
  • sleeps through the night (oh blessed day!)
  • loves green beans, peas, sweet potatoes (definitely her favorite), bananas, applesauce, Cheerios, carrots, Ritz crackers, and thought that taste of ice cream mom gave her was pretty amazing
  • crawls everywhere
  • capable of finding any tiny thing you didn't realize you dropped (including, but not limited to: polly pocket shoes, food crumbs, bits of crayon, and tiny pieces of paper)
  • pulls up and tries to let go of things, then falls down
  • has at least one sharp little tooth
  • thinks it is funny to bite Mom's finger
  • loves all her sisters but is especially fond of Tigger
  • likes to play with Fen's toys (primarily Playmobil 1-2-3 animals)
  • still clings to Mama but will let other people hold her on occasion, though it helps if Mom walks out of Lili's line of sight
  • very much dislikes wearing anything on her head or feet 
  • continues to be the perfect baby in every respect {smile}

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