Monday, July 11, 2011

It's That time Again!

Church camp time, that is. This is our first of two weeks. This week is for the teenagers (or close to being teenagers). All Philip and I have to do for this one is show up.

OK, not exactly. But of the two weeks our church hosts, we definitely have the fewest responsibilities at this one.

My big girls are off visiting relatives, my littlest girl is going with us to camp (although she will be watching her Gram instead of teenagers), and I'm pretty sure I'm ready.

Turns out the theme this year is "Deadliest Catch". As long as I don't have to actually fish everything will be fine.

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Amy said...

I am behind in my blog reader so I haven't come up on this post yet. I knew you were quiet on twitter so I had to come by the blog and see what was up! Glad it's just summer fun. Be glad to 'see' you when you get back!

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